Joyful Day

Nov 15, 2019

I had two joyous days when I had my children. I had girl, and then I had a boy. That’s a woman’s joy, having children, enjoying them.

It wasn’t going through labor, was it?

I didn’t go through much labor with my daughter. With my son, I went through … Just like a boy. With my girl, who couldn’t wait to be born. She was easy, but my son gave me a hard time. Yeah, I had nine hours of labor, in the hospital.

But beautiful person, they’re both beautiful people. Those are the most joyful, and they’re still around me. They gave me grandchildren, you know.

Were you there for your grandchildren’s births?

Yeah, one of them, the oldest, yeah, but I help my daughter with most of them. You know, I like to babysit with my grandchildren. So I enjoy my life with all my children, my generation. That’s my story of joyful days. Many, many, many.

Do you remember what it was like to see your daughter for the first time?

Oh, it’s always wonderful. It’s always wonderful experience when you see your children first time, and it’s a lovely experience for you. Saw my son for the first time, and it’s a nice experience that you never forget.

My husband was there for the births, too. He was always there. He was in the Navy during the Second World War.

So was he away a lot?

No, after the Second World War they came home and worked, and that’s when we got married. I was 18 and he was 21, 22. He had been in the Navy.

Were you ready to be a mother at first?

Yeah. I always wanted children. I had my daughter’s name. When I was 15, I heard a pretty name and I said, “Oh, if I have a daughter, I’ll name her Sandra.” That’s my daughter’s name, and then my son’s name, I said, “Oh, David.” I want a David, so I had a David. I love that name. It’s a pretty name. It’s a biblical name, too.

Yeah… To me, joyful is … Because I think of all the things that happen to other people, mothers losing their children. I pray for them, so that makes me joyful.

To be thankful for what you have, grateful.

Yeah. And I pray for those mothers who lose their children. Yesterday, two children were killed in the school in California, and things like that. Can you imagine what that family goes through? So it’s a joyful day if I pray for them. That I have my children that’s safe, and I pray for those mothers.

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