Walks in the Park

My name is Wanda, a retiree who works part-time with Brooklyn Public Library’s Services for Older Adults. I was born, raised, and spent all my life so far in Brooklyn, New York. Music is a major part of my healing-through-faith-and-creative-arts journey that also includes creatively aging through Life Story Club, DOROT, and The Creative Center art programs.

One of the best times in my life has been the 11,628 days of marriage! You can search “how many days between two dates,” November 19, 1988, and September 20, 2020 in my case, on www.mathsisfun.com.

“What’s Easy for Two is So Hard for One” was written and produced by Smokey Robinson and released as a single by singer Mary Wells in 1963 for the Motown label, but my late husband and I, the Honeylambs, crooned it from “I do” ‘til death did us part, while taking many walks in the park — sitting, chatting, eating, laughing, fussing, promising, drinking, planning, apologizing, and yeah, stealing kisses too….

Oh, if only parks, playgrounds, benches, and blankets could talk, what sweet succulent secrets and stories they would share.

The lyrics to my selected song, “What’s Easy for Two is So Hard for One,” have resonated much truth these past two years as I’ve struggled with laundry, grocery shopping, household chores, repairs, traveling back and forth, and even doing simple things like changing light bulbs, opening cans or jars, reaching for something high on a shelf, pulling windows up, pushing windows down….

So in loving memories, I dedicate this song to a life well-lived with my late husband, Bill Dobson, who transitioned two months short of what would have been our thirty-second year of unity in love and marriage, going for walks in the park, and stealing little kisses in the dark.

What’s Easy for Two is So Hard for One

By Mary Wells

Well, well, well, well

Let’s get together and go for a walk in the park

And while we’re walking we can steal a little kiss in the dark

I wanna walk with you

I wanna talk with you

But it’s up you to say “Come on baby”

If you don’t hurry up I’ll go crazy

‘Cause a walk in the park all alone is just no fun

What two can easily do, what two can easily do

Is so hard to be done by one

I’m sure that you know that I love you with all of my heart

But a love that’s true really takes two to start

I wanna do my share

To show you that I care

‘Cause a one-sided love will never do

You gotta show me that you love me too

‘Cause falling in love all alone is just no fun

One can build a love affair slowly

Two can build a love affair fast

One can make a love get started

Two can make it last

So come on and take me by the hand

Lead me up to the preacher man

Together we can do all the things that should be done

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