A Family Holiday

Nov 22, 2019

I don’t really have a story, but I love listening here. Now, way back on the island, we don’t have a Thanksgiving Day.

But then like Christmas Eve, Christmas bank holiday, is the day we transferred it to. But I was there on the computer just now, and I was working on.. macaroni and cheese? We do not do it that way. We make macaroni pie. Yeah, and I was up there looking at it for some unknown reason. You get a side of macaroni, cheese. Side of macaroni, cheese. Well, you got blue, and then four courses of cheese. Yeah, so you fill them out, you get a whitish one, you get a light one, and then you get it plain.

And when I looked a it, it made me feel so…hungry. Because the way I do it, you have a layer there, then you have cheese. Then you have another layer, you have cheese. Then you have another layer, you have cheese. Some of us sometimes put bacon, or anything out there, but that was for, for cultured cheese, that was the thinnest I’d ate. We had it Invariably for Christmas. We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Day. But all the energy goes towards the day after Christmas, what you call Christmas bank holiday.

Oh look, Christmas is the day I used to make all the cake. The black cake. I used to specialize in doing that. And when I first came over here, on my vacation, “George, are you coming back to make it?” Black cake, I used to make it, it had a lot of rum in it, it has a lot of White Collar in it, and it makes you drunk. It makes you get a feeling. Yeah, I used to specialize in making it, because all of my family are bakers.

Yeah they bake and do different types. My brother, he just died, hardly anybody could make a cake better than he could do. Right? If you request that, if you request it for a birthday, or whatever you request, he would have gone there for it.

But, I love this, because I don’t know where I’m going next Thursday. Because of course they’re going to be other places that open, and in invariably, I do a thing for the church, locally, and I don’t know exactly where they’re going from, but we circle it and make sure that not only me, or anybody here, is happy. We make sure everybody is happy, the homeless people…We give them tours, we give them a lot of them good things. But I don’t know exactly how it shows…

So you volunteer?

Yeah! But that’s what it’s all about. You’re going to 125th street? Every lane in there, The Apollo, everybody from down the Morningside right up to the top! Or, they’ll say none, but it’s something to eat here. If you get in those streets… you carry your bag, and don’t come back home with it empty.

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