A Family Holiday

Nov 22, 2019

I am in America, Thanksgiving story I don’t know. Yes. But I like turkey. Before, I cannot eat turkey, but now I can eat turkey. It’s very good for body I love this one, and I try to come to America and I tried to cook this turkey. I like that cook drumstick, breast, and everything. I like it.

What was the first time you ate turkey?

Turkey, maybe 10 years ago. I cannot eat because of the smell. So I didn’t eat, but I tried to eat turkey. It’s a good for my body so I continued to eat turkey.

Oh, you didn’t like it at first?

Yeah. There is this smell. And this is… Sauce.

Cranberry sauce.

Cranberry sauce. With the cranberry sauce, yum together. Oh, nice. Oh yes. I did myself. Because I learned from other people who can pay do it. They teach me something, but I don’t know. It’s just stuffing something, put it in, I don’t know, but I use a bakery to boiling, boiling with turkey and there’s a turkey come out and I tried with the cranberry sauce. Yeah, together…

You cook for your family?

I cook myself.

Was there a holiday in Korea that you celebrate?

Oh, in Korea, not too much is a holiday. We got a thanksgiving time we bake something cake, a Korean cake. The other people, share with everybody.

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