A Family Holiday

Nov 22, 2019

I just wanted to say that as a individual, I’m not a person that looks back. I don’t look back at anything. I fell down my steps. People say this and that. I don’t look back as it happened. That’s it. Having said that, by the say, this is the 22nd of November, right? That’s JFK. That’s when JFK was shot. I just wanted to remember that. See, that’s how much I hate to, that’s one reason not to look because no one knows before they forget.

Anyway, I wanted to say about Thanksgiving, the most recent Thanksgiving taught me how to come to a senior place. Because my mother had passed and it’s about seven, maybe eight years. I had met Angel, some other people over there where a school where I was working in the community. I thought I’d be nice and invite these relatives to Thanksgiving dinner. I did and I’m a good cook, but I didn’t cook like the old folks. Because when we grew up the Thanksgiving, they had goose and they had hasty pudding. They were from Virginia. They had all those Southern corn pudding and I don’t think that anybody even knew how to cook it but myself.

So whatever happened, I’m just saying that I cooked that meal and they told me that. I said, “Well I have to find something new to do.” That’s when I was chasing some kids by the old coffee house and I went in there to get one of them and I met the director from the coffee house. Her name was, you know down at coffee? What’s her name?

Augustine, right. I met her. I thought she was a correction officer. She was a tough. She was a tough sister, but she got those kids up on their feet. Then there was some other guy, she had a stick and she went after them. What I’m saying to you is that’s when I decided I would have to go. I met another director down there. He said they have a place where you can eat. You just have to say you’re 60. If not, it’s okay, just say it anyway and you’ll come and eat. That’s how I did it. So that’s what I remember. That was my last Thanksgiving I remember.

Because here it doesn’t matter. I don’t care what I eat as long as I haves something that’s sweet. Growing up life with my relatives, I had, my grandmother came from a very large family. Somehow by the time I came aboard in their life, they had all came to New York or Pennsylvania and this one Kentucky and Virginia. To go out of the house, they all live near each other but to live in six blocks radius. They live next to them. Come Easter. They put you in a little, big bow and baby doll shoes. You had to go by everybody’s apartment for their approval. If you weren’t that way, then you had to go back and change. You know how long it took us? I learned to get up early just to do them. It was the same when we were eating. Come Thanksgiving, we had to stop by everybody’s house to eat and then still have after, to have room for what the grandmother made. Cause if kids thought you were sick, then they should give you casserole. Then you really were messed up. That was my life growing up with, I remember those memories. How you had to eat in everybody’s house. It was delicious, but I don’t think I want to do that again.

Now I don’t, I like sandwiches and soups and candy and candy. That’s it. That’s it. Those are my memories of, I was growing a childhood that I don’t really want to look back. There really is nothing wrong with it. It was beautiful and fun, but I don’t think I want to look back to have memories. I don’t look back about anything. I just keep moving, which is a good thing for me. Not for anybody, I don’t give advice. That’s a good thing for me. I keep moving every direction that I feel like. That’s it.

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