A Family Holiday

Nov 22, 2019

I remember one particular Thanksgiving, I fixed everything. Just like this table. You see the table over here? This picture. I set the table. Everything was on it and my family, they were watching football and I kept calling them to the table, but they were watching games. There was my daughter, my son-in-law, my son, my nephew, my grandson, the whole family. So I sat down to eat by myself. I just started. Because they wouldn’t listen, they didn’t call. I kept calling them two times, three times, but then they were too busy. That’s more important. My turkey, my food is more important. It was just like this, a round table. I had a round, big round table.

But we had a lot of fun. Finally, they said, ‘Grandma, you finish cooking?’ Finished cooking? I had it on the table. So then they all came to the table and they all started eating. We had a lot of fun. They laughed, “Are you eating by yourself?A Of course, nobody listened to me. You want to watch sports? Go ahead, eat sports! You’re not going to stop me from eating my food. It was a joyful day.

I like to cook, make my own food. I make pies, I make everything. I make everything. Stuffing, potatoes, the sweet potatoes, everything, everything. And I make them a little piece of pork. Spanish, you know, meat, pork. So yeah, I make a small pork, too because my son likes it. We call it Pernil. For one or two who like to eat pork, too. I make eggnog. Make the whole plate, yeah. I like to make the whole thing, everything by myself.

I stuff myself because I like to watch holiday movies. I watch the parade. In between cooking, I watch the parade. I like to stay home. I get invitations, but I don’t go anywhere.

My favorite holiday movie is Miracle on 34th Street.

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