A Korean Jesa Ceremony for My Parents

November 19, 2020

I’m thankful for everything. For my family. For my kids. The only thing I want to share quickly is the tradition that we have every anniversary of the passing of our elders. To me, it’s my parents. My parents passed away seven or eight years ago. And every year, the day before the anniversary, all the family has to unite and be together.

And we cook the food that they used to…their favorite soup, rice, or meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, or special cookie, or cake that they like. And we put it on the table, a picture of them. And we have to bow from the oldest to the youngest. And I would love my kids to do it after I’m gone too in the future. But I don’t know because, you know, with this younger generation, they’re starting to forget the traditions even though I teach them. But we’ll see what happens.

For the food we prepare, we usually cook it with no salt and nothing red because it’s supposed to be… It’s a belief thing that the spirit doesn’t like no salt, no garlic, and no red. So we don’t put any of those in whatever we cook. But we do … while we’re cooking, we separate the food that we are going to eat and the special little things that they used to love.

It has to be exactly 13 different foods. And plus, whatever favorite things that they had while they were living. So every year, the day before the anniversary, we do it. So I think that’s a beautiful thing too, to remember the one that is gone already. And like I said, I would love my kids to learn to do it while I’m gone.

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