An Exciting New Business Plan

October 22, 2020

My life is quite overloaded now by choice and all good things. I’m in many, many classes with lots of homework. But I was a part of the Reimagined Festival. I mean, a part meaning I attended more events than anyone in the world. And I became friends and getting closer to friends with…I mean, acquaintances friends with some of the staff, and getting closer especially to one of them. And we talk every couple of weeks. And so we had a call scheduled last week. And I have been trying to think of what event…I mean, I’ve wanted to share from my life’s work, and talents, and skills, and wisdom from living in my eighth decade on this planet. But I haven’t had what…I haven’t been able to pull together the bodywork, and the image consulting, and the home staging, and the meditation, and the…

And I was talking to Dara. And there have been some events on Reimagine helping us as potential collaborators, talk to other collaborators and maybe work together or at least get our concepts clearer. And nothing had really clicked and so I was talking to Dara, and suddenly, it came together that my first offering can be offering a free class and private consultations with Reimagine collaborators, both past and future ones, on how to present on screen and on Zoom. How to present in a way that manifests, that shows their inner values, their message, and what they want their participants to experience. Through voice, interstate, what they’re wearing, how they look, and what their background is. Background, literal background, like the photo that’s behind me.

And she got excited because her view is that many of their presenters don’t show as well as they could and aren’t expressing themselves as well as they could. And this would allow me to help develop what it is I really care about and think I can communicate. So I’ve been so overloaded with other things I haven’t written up the description yet. And I have to do that because the festival has already started and soon, there will be no collaborators to work with. But that was a very exciting day, and I ended up feeling buoyed and that I really do have something valuable to share to a certain audience. So that was my most exciting day recently.

As for my plans … well, the way I’m going about it is I have to write up my description. So I think I’ll commit by tomorrow afternoon to having it done and getting it to Dara for her to look over and whatever she edits or changes. I will then put it on the Facebook page for collaborators offering it, maybe I can even have the date that I offer it. And ask for volunteers for me to work with individually as well because I want to develop that ability to consult.

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