An Expression of Gratitude

Good morning, all. It’s good to be here. 

I am grateful to God that God has kept me for 76 years of my life, and that God covers me and my loved ones. I am grateful for all my family—my two daughters: Rosemary and Stacey, my son Andre and my nieces and nephew. I am also grateful for my extended family— especially Nicky (my niece),  Martin (my nephew),  and Jerry who is also a brother to me, as well as Sayed and Marion who are also like sons to me. I am grateful for friends who are like family to me— especially Marcia, Sharon, Bridget, Mrs. Jackson, and Marilyn. I am also thankful for the NORC and everyone there. I’m grateful for the wonderful times we have spent together, and that when I call for help, my loved ones answer right away. I am also grateful for my health— I can walk on my own and that I can breathe freely. Overall, I am grateful to be alive.

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