An Eye-Opening Experience in Amsterdam

December 3, 2020

My experiences when I went to Amsterdam … I traveled first to Germany to see my brother-in-law. And then from Germany, we took a train to Amsterdam. And in Amsterdam, we stayed in the hostel place with my two kids, grown-up guys, and myself. We have one of those back sacks. And we’re traveling, seeing the country.

So we went to this hostel. No elevator, there was a spiral type of stairs. And the place was a small, little room with three small, little beds. When you go to sleep, you have to go sides because it’s a cliff-type of position. And we have to share a bathroom. You have to take a shower, use only a shower had a little curtain and no hot water. So it was around in April. It’s still chilly, you know? So was a little experience.

And also, we have a free breakfast. But you have to come down before 10:00. And the free breakfast was an egg, black coffee, and a piece of sandwich, and a piece of bread. If you come out one minute, two minutes after, it’s over. So that’s one of the experiences.

But they supply us with a bicycle. So I was really like a fish in the water. I love bicycling. I bicycle over here in New York City. And I bicycle all over. So, we went with the kids and we took… It’s more dangerous to get run by a bicycle than any other motor vehicle over there in Amsterdam. We went to the museum of Vincent Van Gogh, a big, beautiful place, excellent, tremendous place. It’s like a palace, three different floors.

And also, we went to Anne Frank’s house. And we couldn’t get in because it was just a big, big line. And also, it’s steps to go all the way up. But it was very nice. And also, we went to the factory of the beer Heineken. I thought Heineken was German, but it’s from Amsterdam. And then, we went and took a tour. It’s so beautiful. And they give us glasses. And I wrap it up with newspaper because I don’t want it to break them. And they made the trip sound and safe.

In Amsterdam, mostly all the time, there was a stone … Cobblestone streets. But they have these lines for the bicycles. But nobody obeys the line with bicycles. They go all over the place. Something like that. The bicycle was not worthy. They left it outside. And then some of them very rusty. You know, the gear doesn’t work. So I managed to get it working with my kids.

We went to the little channels where they’ll have all those boats and you go around. It was an experience because, in the United States, we have our showers. You know, you have a big room, big beds, something like that. Now over there, just a little cot. And then, you have to sleepover. You make it do. It’s a big experience.

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