An Unexpected Storm

Feb 10, 2020

For the other disaster, storms come up from the Caribbean. And now we had two or three lightning rods on top of the roof of the house. So that hold down that storm from destroying their house. When the rainstorms come up from the Caribbeans and whatnot. And one day I was home, the earthquake hit. I thought somebody was banging tin the door down. Pa-yah! And they hit everybody’s door. So my neighbor hollered said, “Liz, get down!” The earthquake. Pa-yah! Outside the door like somebody was breaking in, and I said, “What was it?” And hit our door, wham and hit the rest of the doors and everything. And the door went like this and whatnot. And that happened in Brook Glen.

And it was stronger that and that went on. I had to do some business the next day and it rumbled all night long.

Pa-yah! The door is steel and y’all thought somebody be breaking in. No, it was the Mighty One. Bumped the doors real hard, pull a little in, whatnot. And the elevator moved back and forth.

But on top of the roof of the building and complex, they have a certain lightning rods, certain rods for the planes, and certain for earthquakes and whatnot. But that day, pa-yah, and the sun was wide open. It was a sunny day, it went off.

It was about, I think it was on that ’90s something like that, between that ’90, I was home. And tore up… But the trees got pa-yah, break up and whatnot. And it went on all night long.

So I wasn’t going to leave my house and go to no shelter. It’s going to be worse. I stayed home. And they kept, went and do my business the next day and the guys said he had to jump out of the car because of the vibration and whatnot.

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