We envision a world where elderhood is the most vibrant, fulfilling period of one’s life.


Our mission is to promote healthy aging, combat ageism, and reduce social isolation amongst older adults. We run Life Story Clubs for older adults to strengthen their social relationships and draw purpose from sharing their life experience with others.


Social isolation of older adults has become a major public health issue, and studies have found that the health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. With senior isolation poised to become one of the most serious health issues faced by older Americans, there is now a growing body of research demonstrating the health benefits of sharing life stories.

Our Clubs are thoughtfully designed to enable participants to develop real social connections with their peers. As we reflect on our lives in turn with thought-provoking questions that members may have never thought to ask themselves, everyone has a chance to speak and to hear the stories of others from different backgrounds.


A real “Soup for the Soul” experience, our Clubs help older adults to feel nurtured, listened to, and acknowledged for their contributions – all of which provide the positive emotions and social support needed for healthy aging.


In addition to simply verbally sharing a life story, there are significant health benefits to leveraging storytelling into a powerful legacy project. Our members view preserving audio stories with the Club as an important part of purposeful living, which is key to bolstering mental health and wellness.


Ultimately, we want members who join Life Story Clubs to know their stories are respected and valued – to encourage their family, friends, care partners, and community members to listen, engage, and draw understanding from their elders’ life experiences.

Want to provide a Life Story Club at your organization?


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