Best Celebration

Feb 19, 2020

I remember when my daughter was three years old, she graduated from play school to go to kindergarten. There was a big party and it was very emotional and happy because they were so little and they were so beautiful and they were making history. It was a graduation so they gave them diplomas and gave speeches for all of the children. It was very emotional and very good.

The other graduation was when she was eight years old from the primary school. Also a big party with the classmates, the teachers, the director, and parents. It was a very beautiful party.

The other one was in high school. It was all girls. There were only twelve or thirteen. A small group because it was a Catholic school. I think they don’t allow big numbers. Other schools have more than that.  

The fourth one was when she was in college, graduating at 22. A big party too. That was with 300 young people. It was with many different groups.

For me, watching my daughter graduate gave me satisfaction. She was a good student. She loved reading books. She loved to go to Barnes and Noble and the library. We explored all of that. All the reading. It was very good. I am happy. She is my only one child. I think she had the best tools for life because education is the main thing.

After the graduation ceremony in primary school, we went out to eat. She had pasta. She loves pasta. It was an Italian restaurant on first avenue. It is called Italian Village. Since she was a student, she was eating a lot of pizza in the breaktime.

I was working overtime sometimes. I was working weekends and holidays because I had to pay her tuition. Tuition was high at the time but now I think it is a higher price. I feel good working for some big reason. I did something good for my daughter because she’s part of myself. I want her to have the best. She appreciates it now. She’s working and doing good.

I was working but I was actually learning languages. I did learn English, writing, spelling, and talking at a community college. I did the high school equivalency. I am happy because I can do more things for me because of no time.

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