Big Risk

Nov 15, 2019

There was a time I was out and we were playing a game called cricket. I was the, what we call here in baseball, the catcher and I was behind the stump. And this guy bowled the ball so fast. I jumped up in the air to take, and it hit me right here. It knocked me out cold.

I was laying there, the medics came around. Within seconds, I was back around and I was doing as if it never ever happened. That’s recovery! I dreamt that I went to heaven in those little seconds, and they closed the golden gates on me. And when they slam the gates, I was awake. And it’s a risk I never knew and it’s something that, sometimes, it travels with you again and you keep thinking… Sometimes you’re laying in bed and you keep running your whole life. And when it happened, I said, I don’t know…

The first time I ever know that they shut me out, I went into the pearly gates and when I go to the gates, they slammed the door in my face. It didn’t shut, slammed the door in my face, and I was up in seconds. And that’s one of those things that happens to you. Well, it hit me right there and knocked me right out.

For how long were you out? Do you know?

One of my friends, he ran off to the medics to come back, and by the time he get back, I was ready to play.

I made it to the pearly gates and they slammed me out. They never kept me in. Nobody spoke or anything. Slammed the door and that’s why God is keeping me alive. And out of all my kids and family, I am the only one from my mother that is still alive. So, they weren’t ready for me.

Do you have a scar from that or anything?

This is something about 68 years ago. I actually don’t remember. No, look… The whole happening is not me. It’s the event. When it happened, I got hit. They slammed the door in my face. They didn’t even answer a message, they didn’t say why are you here? That’s the pearly gates.

Did you win the game? Maybe you don’t remember.

Oh, we won the game afterwards. It was less than seven seconds. He ran towards the pavilion, bring the thing out. And when he come out, I said, “are you ready?” He asked to see if I was okay, to bring me some water… hit on the right part, rather than hit directly there, it just hit there. He gave me that amount of time to rehearse.

It woke me up. Yeah. Yeah, I couldn’t get through that pearly gate. They slammed the door.

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