Big Risk

Nov 15, 2019

You know how they tell people today? They tell people today to wear helmets and other things to ride their bikes. So we rode bikes would never anything happened that I know. But the fun was going down a hill, like where I grew up they had Nickel Sands, Nickel Park, my mom’s park, Morningside Park. Backwards and holds my hands out.

But I mean, looking back it might have been a risk, but an awful lot of fun. So I think looking back at what could have, what probably was no risk. It was not a one, not one of the risks. So you use barriers. See the barriers, if I fell off, I have to survive this. But it never occurred to me that those were a risk. You know? So I didn’t, I probably went to a lot of risk and didn’t know. Going into the water. I didn’t know the ground, the beach, change in the water. I was always swimming. But after I learned how to swim, I never knew that level to danger. Looking back, I realized that was dangerous. So, at least I remember where, what the risks were.So I haven’t had time to think about it because maybe it was a risk and maybe it wasn’t at all.

But realize now, just standing still. Yesterday I saw a lady, playing with birds, had a bun dropped on her. Somebody came by and he said, “Oh, when that happens, from a pigeon, that’s good luck.” But she didn’t think so. That was a risk walking on the street.

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