My neighborhood

Oct 1, 2019

My name is Carl Parker. I was born here in New York, Spring Valley, New York. Then my mother and father moved to Oakland, California. My mother passed away down there. I lived in Oakland for a good little while, from 1 to 13. I remember living in Oakland for a while. I grew up there mostly. Then I came back to New York. And then my sisters and brothers moved back to New York. I enjoyed moving around to different places. I enjoyed growing up here in Queens. I was in Queens and I grew up there. I went to junior school there, I went to high school there. Then I came here to Brooklyn shortly after that. And I came here to Brooklyn, and I met someone. We had a child. And my daughter is 37 years old. My oldest daughter. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. And I’m grateful today that I live in Brooklyn, and mostly all my family is not in New York. Most of all my family is in Washington D.C. I’m grateful that I’m here. I’m just blessed that I’m here. Thank you.

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