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A Special Place

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My mom passed away nine months ago and I guess one of the things I look back to is what I was a child. Like Lori mentioned, it there was a sort of innocence and time when we were all together as a family. We all together. I’m one of six siblings, although I’m full siblings with my younger two. Half siblings with the older three.

My family lived in the Caribbean. My dad got work there when we were really young. I was about nine or ten. And on the weekends, we used to spend our time just at the beach in St. Lucia. I realized I don’t have any of these photos right now. They’re actually at my Dad’s, in with all the photo albums of my mom and my younger years which I haven’t been able to go through yet. I’m building up to do that. And I think with the lockdown, I think now would be a good time to do it.

It takes me back to a time of just being outdoors and the freedom to play in the sand and playing with my siblings. My parents used to just cut up a papaya and put lemon juice on it. So it was a sort of simple breakfast and we just sort of sit there until it got too hot, basically. We’d go and find shade.

And that time in the Caribbean has stayed with me for all sorts of reasons. We were very lucky to live there through my childhood before coming back to the UK. But there’s a meditation by Jon Kabat Zinn. It’s a mountain meditation. A guided, visual meditation.

And over the years I’ve used it, on and off, and recently I went back to listen to it. And whenever I think of that mountain. I think of the mountains in St. Lucia. I think there’s something about the sort of peacefulness and the calm we felt as a family being there.

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