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Feb 19, 2020

I went to college. I worked as a teacher and I taught dance in my country. Every year there was a concert for families: your father, mother, grandma, grandpa. And I taught kids dance. And New Year, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

My husband worked at the college. He studied in my country. My daughter lives in Budapest. She went to a German college. She talks in German, Hungarian, English. Many languages. My daughter works at a high school in Budapest. Her husband works at the college. I have two grandchildren. They are very smart. One works at a big company at Budapest. They both got married and live in Budapest.

My second granddaughter is a correspondent now in the newspaper in Budapest. A correspondent is a problem. Her husband said to change her profession.

One granddaughter married a Jewish boy. Very good. Very nice family. The second grandchild married a Catholic. Many, many international.

I came to America in 1999. My husband had a very good job. In 2008, my husband got very sick. I helped, but he didn’t have a good heart or good feet. It was a big problem. He passed away in 2008. I had business in America though. My sister and her family live in Long Island. I have a niece.

Now I live alone in a very nice studio. I have friends. Zenobia is my friend. My daughter and son say, “Mommy come home, Mommy come home.” But I have a Hungarian daughter and a Czechoslovakian son. My sister says, “This is your family.” My second sister lives in Czechoslovakia. I have family all over.

But my husband and I would go together to see Hungary and the Czech Republic. We went to Israel once. It was very, very nice. We traveled there. The plane ticket was only $100 from Budapest to Israel. And from Budapest to Switzerland, it was only $150. We didn’t have big business plans, so we traveled there. I only stayed there for two days. I saw Germany too. I went to museums when I visited these places. I stayed in a very historical area and saw lots of sights.

Traveling from New York to Budapest to Switzerland to Israel is very good travel.

Feb 19, 2020

I went to college. I worked as a teacher and I taught dance in my country. Every year there was a concert...

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Unfair Treatment (Part 2)

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 12, 2020

There were always one or two boys who wanted to date me when I was younger. My mother was told “Your daughter has mail from one boy.” It was a problem. My mother told about it, and one day she said, “Anna, please look where you go.” The boy sent me mail from the Czech Republic. The boy was chasing me with his letters, and three boys in the KGB were chasing me on motorcycles chasing me for the letter.

My mom said, “You are going to get yourself killed, Anna.”

She had to tell people, “My daughter is not writing the Czech Republic! The boy is writing her.”

It was a big problem. My mother was told that I would go to prison if I did not stop. One time this boy from the Czech Republic had to travel. I went to my sister’s.

My mom said, “This has to stop right now.” This was in the year 1959. I was maybe 20 or 21.

One time I went into the post office and found this very nice statue or a girl and a Czech boy dancing. They were doing the Czech polka dance. He sent it for my birthday. The boy who sent it to me liked music and played violin. I did not get to keep the statue because it was taken away.

I met my husband later in America. I could write freely in America. I was allowed to marry who I wanted in America.

Feb 12, 2020

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Unfair Treatment

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 12, 2020

When I was in school, my teacher said that I could not speak Czech and that she should not speak Czech at home, so my mother cried.

One male from every family had to go to Siberia. It was in 1946. Then in 1953, Stalin passed away. My grandfather went to Siberia. Many people went there. Families separated. Every family cried. It was a big problem.

At that time, everybody was getting monitored by the government. My mother lost her job after the restaurant she worked at was closed down. She was a cook.

In 1956 there was a political revolution.

Neighborhood Memories

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 5, 2020

I was born in January 1939. This is for Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia Socialist Republic. Many problems in the Czech Republic. In my country, yes. It was not a problem nation. People are good, people are good.

I went to school, regular school, in the Czech Republic. But during the second war, Czech Republic broke up.

Next this is the city that I was born in. My father, and my sister, are both Ukrainian. But my mother was Czechoslovakia born, so we were split up. Big problem.

And today Czechoslovakia is Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is not very good but Slovakia go down and Czech Republic go up, up. And Czech Republic not want change money. And Slovakia change Euro, Euro money, and… not factory, not factory. Slovakia, yes, this is many farm area. It is a poor area.

Poland very good, go up, Czech go up, Germany, Austria… but Slovakia…

Well my father, yeah, but, father went pass away, mother went pass away, yeah, but I have… mine husband pass away,nin America. But have very good job in Manhattan, at Wellington Hotel. But I go to my country…

When I was in my country, I went to high school and three years in the pedagogic college and I worked as a teacher in my country for three years. And my daughter married someone in the Budapest. A Hungarian. She has a husband, Paul. And then my daughter work as a teacher in English. She is very good in English. I have two granddaughters in Budapest. My granddaughter teaches foreign language, and she learned five languages: German, French, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russia, and Polish.

And my son lives in the Czechoslovakia, but today live in–not Bratislava–he lives in Kosice. Kosice. He has a good job. He has a wife and daughter. Caroline got married and had my grand-granddaughter, Adelina.

My kids want me to go home. I have a good community here.

Feb 5, 2020

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