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Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 3, 2020

I don’t know if you would call it a natural disaster, but something happened in my life to make me very unhappy. That’s a disaster if you ask me. My mother died when I was eight. Eight years old. And that was a disaster to me. From eight years old on up to now, I had no anyone you’d call my mother, but I had relatives and good friends. They were supportive.

I had my sister Gail. She’s younger [than I am] because my mother died when she was very small. I think I was somewhere around eight years old. And I can’t remember it completely, but I know that I was on my own from the time I was eight years old on. I took care of Gail to some degree, but we had grandparents and aunts and uncles and other relatives. And good friends.

I think my mother was around 35 when she died. She wasn’t sick, but she might’ve gotten sick just temporarily.


Life Story Club Contributor

Jan 13, 2020

Music. And art. I just started doing … As I was a young woman, I just started … People asked me … Sometimes I’d sing to myself or draw pictures for myself and there’re different ones would ask me to do it for them and then they noticed … They introduced me to art school. As a child.

When I was very small, I learned that I liked to draw and they used to bring some of the children to me and say, “Here you are Miss Johnson. You and Miss Johnson. You draw this for me.” And I started early doing that with the children. And then as I grew up, I found out I liked it. Really liked it. And I started doing it more on a larger scale.

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