Mrs. Guyder

Life Story Club Contributor

April 7, 2020

This is a person I’ve known for a very long time, but she has since passed away, and she passed away at 100, so she had a wonderful life. That person is the same person of my story who makes me smile if I even think about her for a second.

I had a roommate sometime ago, and this was her mother. Her mother was just the kindest, sweetest person, and she loved crafting. There was not enough hours in the day for her to do her crafts, all kinds of things, whether it was sewing, crocheting, knitting, or making ornaments.

She had about eight Christmas trees and they were all different. One would be all handmade ornaments of Teddy bears. One would be all handmade ornaments of angels. Just to be around her and her enthusiasm and her zest for her crafting, it was great and made me smile all the time to be near her.

Her daughter worked for British Airways. And so, she and her husband and her daughter traveled everywhere, anywhere you can think, of Fiji, the Seychelles. I mean she just was wide open to any and all experiences. She used to always walk every day, walk all the time at least a mile, if not more, even as she got steadily older. She had one experience where a car hit her.

She didn’t get really hurt, but she had to go to court to talk about this thing that happened to her against this particular woman who hit her and wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, not only did she … She couldn’t hear very well, my friend. She sat in the courtroom and had to be asked questions. They asked the questions to the people who had this accident. All she could think about in her way, because she couldn’t hear too well, was, “How exciting. I feel like I’m in a Perry Mason movie,” and she loved it. She didn’t care. She loved it.

So no matter what experience she came up against, she just had a wonderful outlook and sailed through it to the good age of 100. So that is my story. She’s my special person, and makes me smile even to think about her.

Her name was Pauline Guyder.

When she passed away, I went down to her daughter’s home. There were a lot of household items as well as all the homemade crafts. I located the Shriners who were having an auction. I think, as you know, the Shriners take care of children so that they don’t have to pay if they have certain problems.

And so, we were able to pack up and donate a lot of personal items and kitchen items and pots and pans and dishes and all of that, as well as the homemade crafts. The Shriners were so happy to get all of this really very good and very interesting pieces that they could then auction off and receive money and donations that they could put toward their good works. So that was also Mrs. Guyder passing it forward. So another wonderful thing, and she wasn’t even here. We did it.

April 7, 2020 This is a person I've known for a very long time, but she has since passed away, and she passed away at 100, so she had a wonderful life. That person is the same person of...

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