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The Definition of “Beauty”

Life Story Club Contributor

September 7, 2020

I do love nature. You know, I live in New York City. So all I can do really is take walks around the neighborhood. But I’ve been taking photos of every…you know, things like flowers. And when the birds first started coming out you could hear them chirping, and singing, and flying around. And sometimes I ask people if I can take a picture of their dogs because they were so adorable. Because I’m a big-time animal lover. I’m writing to a cheetah right now, and a pride of lions. And I can go on and on about animals.

What I wanted to say is the first thing that I thought of – and this is very embarrassing – I grew up in a neighborhood that was so… I don’t even know how to describe it. You were what you wore. And you were your clothes. You were who your friends were. You know if you had attractive friends and this and that. It’s quite embarrassing but I became a shopaholic. And if I made a beautiful friend, or if I met a gorgeous guy, or if I bought a beautiful outfit, or most of the people in my community got nose jobs.

And how you looked was so important and what you were wearing. But now I find that everybody that I’m friends with and what have you, none of them are physically beautiful. None of them are into clothes, or makeup, or all the stuff that I’m into. But they’re intelligent, kind, you know all kinds of good qualities. Good sense of humor. They don’t, you know… at least if I say something funny because I tend to be funny … they laugh. And it’s like a whole different perspective now. I go out and see these beautiful flowers or whatever, animals.

And I’m totally enchanted with it. And it makes me happy. And it’s like I’ve totally done a total change from the community I came from. And when you asked about beauty, I thought you were talking about people’s physical beauty. And I really… that’s how brainwashed I was. But I’m glad that I’ve changed. And I see beauty in other things. But I get a lot of enjoyment out of animals. I think they’re so beautiful. I was a docent at the Bronx Zoo. And I’ve done animal rescue. All kinds of work. Animal fundraisers. And now, I find beauty in animals and in pictures. I’m on social media a lot. And I see a lot of beautiful pictures of beautiful places, beautiful animals. And I actually write to a lot of animals, believe it or not. But like I mentioned, I have these cheetahs and this lion pride that I have been writing to me asking me to come and visit with them.

I did one dog adoption. Mostly we do cat rescues. And then I’d have to drive this big truck late at night in the dark, all the way to Pennsylvania. And … just doing a lot of stuff like that. And just finding all these animals. They all are beautiful. You know wild animals, domestic animals, and I love them all. To me they’re all beautiful. And they all have something to offer. And I’m a vegetarian … so that’s just my lifestyle.

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