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Greatest Historical Event

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 25, 2020

When JFK was executed. In his car. And I think Jackie Kennedy handled it so beautifully. She really did, she had tremendous courage. And I think the country will remember her and the effort she took, particularly during the funeral. You couldn’t help crying when you saw that little boy pledge to the flag. But they will always be remembered. They were an exceptional family and they dedicated a lot of time to the service of the country. So I feel I remember them in a very nice way. And I do hope we never witness anything like that again.

I remember where I was that day. I was at home. I was watching TV, when the news came on, I was so shocked I yelled and my husband said, “What’s wrong Doris?” And I pointed it out to him, and we both started crying. I guess it was such an emotional moment. I remember the grace and ease with which Jackie Kennedy handle that. I can say that the American people very proud of her. To this day I still feel that way.

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