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Wondrous Nature

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I had a beagle, a little dog, many, many years ago. In 1953 I think it was. And I had a beautiful apartment, a sunken living room, and I was down in the sunken living room and she had to give birth. She had this beautiful bathroom that I had set up for her, everything. She would not give birth, and so she would come down the steps, which was pretty hard because she was in the middle of labor, to drag me by my pants to bring me into the bathroom to watch how she gave birth to her little puppies. She wouldn’t do it without me being there and when they came out, she ate all that stuff, and I thought she was gonna kill the puppy that’s how close she came. That’s the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

That’s what’s going on with the world today. I mean, the animals, where are they going for food? Nobody cares..I mean, I don’t mean nobody but you know what I mean. I don’t know if anything’s really stopping, the greed is so severe…Anyway, animals, that was something for me because I love animals, love them.

She had about at least three or four puppies. But it was how they came out and how she would eat that after-stuff …and so close that I thought she was gonna bite the head or the arm off or something. It was unbelievable to watch. But if I would move, she would stop what she was doing to get me. I’m always at one with my pets. Always at one.

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