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Most Joyful Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 29, 2019

I think my most joyful day was the birth of my first son. But you know I didn’t know nothing about children or nothing like that. I thought I didn’t know nothing about labor pains, or nothing like that. Whatever, right? What to expect. So I believe that was my joyful day when I gave birth to him and to see his face. It was just amazing. The birth of life was amazing. So I think that was one of my joyful days.

Love Changes

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 29, 2019

When I fell in love? I think I fell in love too early in life. I thought. So I don’t consider, I don’t know… Then I think maybe as a young teenager and I just said, it was just infatuation I guess. And I dated the same person I fell in love with all the way through. And me, I married the first person I fell in love and dated and everything. And out of that falling in love I got married at a too young an age, I think like 17 going on 18, yeah. And of that I begin to have children right away. So out of that marriage I had like six children. Yeah. And I guess I stayed in love. I took the marriage vow. I believed in the marriage vow said – death do us part. And I did that, death do us part and death does…did me apart over there at 185 Wyckoff Garden. Yeah. So that marriage was the, I thought it was puppy love and that, but you know. It turned into something real…Yeah, yeah. That’s the end of my love story.

There was some benefits having kids young. Right?

Yeah. Yeah. And they all turned out good. All six of them turned out very well. Very well. And I’m grateful for that. Yeah. So I guess that was love because I asked myself, do I really know what love is?

How did it change you?

Oh, the children changed me. The children changed me, it like, I felt like I was cheated out, you know, a childhood or whatever. Right. So sometime now that’s why act youthful. I enjoy young people. Yeah. And I still think I’m young.

Your grabbing your childhood back.

Yeah, yeah.

My First Date

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 22, 2019

Your first date like? It’s like I remember what I thought was a date.

Back then … Living back then in South Carolina, and I think I was about in the seventh grade. We had a chaperone when it was a dance or something came up. If you had a date … His parents brought him, and my parents brought me, so we didn’t do too much of dating. I thought it was a date, and I was happy to be there because we live so far apart. We had to have a chaperone. So that was the first date that I can remember.

We had school affair. School affair we went to with chaperones. He was there, I was there, we liked each other, yeah. Yeah I thought it was a date. It was special like that. And he asked me to the dance and I accepted, right. But we couldn’t come together. We didn’t come together.

You didn’t want to go with Mr. Brown?

No, that’s later in life. That was later in life. So, that’s what I remember as a first date.


Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 8, 2019

As a child, I was a good student. I liked to write essays and I discovered, I don’t know, I was a good cheerleader. Now, my favorite thing that I like to do, is gardening. That’s my favorite. I used to go down South on vacation and help people start a garden, working on it. I just love nature! I just love waking up the next morning and seeing what happened out side. I love nature. I wanted to garden at Wyckoff, but I didn’t get the opportunity to do that. But every time I pass by, I’m like I could’ve done that. I love gardening.

I’m pretty good with children, with people, I’m a people person. I liked to get involved with different things. Coming to Wyckoff Center is one of the best things that happened to me because I used to stay in the house all the time. Coming here is very important to me. Sometimes I miss, but I should be there, I want to be there. I’m pretty good at some things, some things I’m not, but I try.

I had my own garden down South. Down south i did. Oh and here too, at the back of Wyckoff. We had vegetable garden back there, we had collard greens, string beans, corn, at the back of Wyckoff, and we had plenty of flowers. We’d get up a 6 o’clock in the morning and plant plant all day. We would come out when the sun go down in the afternoon, it’s very fun. Nature is very important to me. We got to realize that everything begins with the seed. Everything begins with the seed, even human life begins with the seed. So that tells you something about nature.

Young Trouble

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 8, 2019

As a young child, I was quite..I didn’t get into too much trouble. I only remember one incident. You know that water fountain at school where everyone gets their water before classes started. I remember this girl saying, “Your momma called ya, your momma called ya.” My mother was in New York. So she did this in order for her to get her water. I remember that was a bad thing I was doing. Other than that, I didn’t get into too much trouble, I was quiet. I had older sisters that would fight for me. Whether I was in trouble or not. If she thought somebody would bother me, she’d get up. I told her ain’t nobody bother me but she believed that somebody bothered me – she was a little overprotective. She would defend me, but I wasn’t in no trouble! I was mindin’ my own business, I was quiet.

But at school, I didn’t want to look like, I wanted to prove to them that I was bad. The teacher would tell us to get out the line, get your homework, bring it here. I wanted to let the other kids know that I wasn’t a teacher’s pet. Well I didn’t want them to know I had my homework. So I would hide my homework. At that time, they would line you up if you didn’t have your homework and hold out your hand, right? So, I lined up with the rest of them that didn’t have their homework. But then she knew that I had my homework so she pushed me out of the line. She told me, go and get your homework! Then I felt bad, other people were going to beat me up. It was all about image..yeah, yeah.

A family tradition

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 1, 2019

I love Thanksgiving, I’ve been doing Thanksgiving for years. This is the time where all the family get together, my children, their children, and sometimes their friends. I’m just surprised that you know, different people that I haven’t seen in years, that they bring. I love cooking for Thanksgiving. And mostly now, since I’m getting older, I would like for one of them to take over now so I can go to their house for Thanksgiving. That’s what I’m working on now. Well, I have 3 children living in Georgia and one in South Carolina, then I start this new one, going there for Thanksgiving. Because I really love Thanksgiving, that’s the time when I can see the little ones. Do my kids know how to cook?…Yeah…my son, my son in Georgia. He cooks. He’ll feed the whole neighborhood. I’m not retiring, but I’d like a change. 

My neighborhood

Life Story Club Contributor

October 1, 2019

My name is Elizabeth. I was born in the South, a little place called Marion, South Carolina. I went to school there, and I was raised by my aunt. My mother came to New York at an early age, and I was raised by my aunt. She passed away when I was going on 12. After then I moved to Georgia, to live with my brother and his wife. From then, school, high schoo, marriage and everything. Living in the south, everybody knows each other. It was our business to raise children and children was obedient. It was nice, we had gardens and stuff, we went to church a lot. At the age, after having children, I moved to New York in 1968. And I’ve been here ever since. I have 6 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. I’ve been living in Wyckoff for 40 years almost. This is me today! 

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