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Children Make Me Smile

Life Story Club Contributor

April 7, 2020

I taught for many years, and every time I think of what certain children have said, in particular, I started laughing and smiling. I had a little boy who was sick, and he was really talented as an artist, and he wanted to be. And this other little six-year-old said to him, “You are so lucky to know what you want to do in life,” and that’s from six-year-olds.

And then I had two eight-year-olds, and one of them would get really, really frustrated at her friend. And her friend said, “Missy,” because I was concerned that she was upset about what her friend had said. And she said, “Oh don’t worry. That’s just like her. I’ve gotten used to it,” and these are six and eight-year-olds. So every time I think of the children I teach, every time I see a child that’s just so excited about life, and then I think about adults who have given up on life until a certain extent or even more than that, I just feel, well there is hope. Because they are so excited, and happy, and just embrace life, and that makes me happy.

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