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Extraordinary Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Nov 1, 2019

Okay. In my hometown where I was born, teeny town of Springfield, Queens, New York, I came back and I cleaned in front of the store then. I cleaned in front of the stores. I cleaned in front of the stores not far from where I lived. To make it immaculately clean, to give us young people the visual of clean where you’re at.

Because back when I was a preteen and teens, the suburbs couldn’t get messy, always was clean. But now, get three people in their 30s, 20s, 10… They’re born in what, my home town doesn’t look like a hometown. It’s garbage everywhere. The stores, the front of the stores, the immigrants, they don’t clean the front of the store. We had mom and pop stores. They’re all gone.

And so I get there and I volunteer. I get the broom from the store and I clean all the way around the block, right? While the children, under 10, seven, eight, nine, three, five, six year witness. And then when I come toward the store they come and they run, they are living there, and they come and they’re happy. They say, “Oh, do a miracle. Do a miracle.” Yes. Because they see as what I do as a miracle. Because my input, my purpose was to give them the opportunity to see real where you’re at.

The benefit of what I had and they couldn’t get it. And they really literally, the first time, it impacted to see, because this is going to be garbage. When I come outside it’s going to be filthy. That’s where I live at. My hometown’s filthy. You get the concept? So now, they come out and look and see, this can’t happen. It’s a miracle. It can’t look this way. It’s a… And I don’t even understand how it can… how it can get clean.

When all the different ages, no one extends themself to then clean. People like… For me, I see it as, when you do a doo-doo, you wipe your butt. You don’t wait for someone else to wipe your butt and just walk around with doo-doo on your butt. But they don’t see it that way. So now, also I do kung fu, naturally, with the broom. I spin it around and as I’m doing it. Because I just do that anyhow. And I don’t realize that they’re watching. And they witness and they say, “You’re going to make the broom look like it’s flying and floating.”And they don’t know the technique of doing. They don’t know, like take a pencil and go like this and you see it’s like a ring. And so I said, wow, I’m doing more miracles. So I just want, I say that that’s extraordinary what I found when I did that.


Life Story Club Contributor

Nov 1, 2019


At a young age, I could see that it wasn’t from my personality growing up. Take a blank piece of paper. And look at it. And then, I’m given. Divinely putting things together in perfect balance on the page. I know, just like water, like a sea ripple flowing, innate. And that’s what I would do. And I realized that throughout life I continued that flow. Then what I studied and when to school. I studied that the masters continued to give the same explanation. Like Nostradamus. What he said he would know of the future way before he was born. He had the information hundreds of years in the future. Michelangelo, Beethoven, all these artists. Basically, if you read enough books on these masters somewhere in the book, eventually they explain that it was the inexperienced revelation.

Especially, what’s beautiful is that, this was before your time, but Motown. You heard of Motown? It’s difficult because, it was like the Beatles. You weren’t here either then. But they were on, Motown was on the radio every day. All the time. Every radio station. And these songs was about love and beauty and communicates through someone, giving your heart to each other. And it affects people through the years, it prolonged the time obligating the time we’re going through now, with people, blasting, hurting, killing each other. It balance, it prevented it from happening.

You see, at 63 I know for a fact, and I see at how society is and how and all of these songs constantly piping into the Earth, Wind and Fire….Bridge the gap, give us some time to mercy.

So that’s what I wanted to say, just pass on the beauty of the masters, before we …to the children, so they can have the future. If you don’t know where you came from, you won’t know were you’re going.

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