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Childhood Friend

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Feb 18, 2020

He’s though he’s still alive and he works. And he’s it’s hard for me to describe. He’s well known in the area. He lives now in Florida and still performs. He does Cantorian work. He started when he was three years old. He used to tell me I was four and we corroborated. That’s really true. I went to nursery school and so did him. And he was this he was, at this stage, four. No, I was four and he was a year older. And he’s still alive now.

He does Cantorian in Florida, even today. He performed on stage here. And he’s done a lot of things that are interesting. And I’m still his friend. And he calls me up from Florida or I call him. And years ago, we got together with my first child. Very interesting guy.

He would tell me stories of what I did without knowing it. I did it, baby. He remembered me playing ping pong when I was seven or six. He remembered all signs and thing I did. We lived two blocks away. We went to the same nursery school. That was important because our mothers worked in the district. And his mother worked and she knew me. He used to tell me the story: I was in the crib with him at age three or something. We’re still friends today.

He was artistic. I wasn’t. I was the councilor. I went to camp. I was a camp councilor. Later, I got a master’s degree. My daughter has a PhD and she teaches in the hospital and goes around different places in Europe or here or there. I have three children and they make me happy.

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