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An Unforgettable Party

Life Story Club Contributor

Mar 26, 2020

Back when the century turned, everybody was freaking out about the computers getting all messed up and people were talking about the end of the world and everything. I had a group of college friends, and we were pretty open with each other. At the time, my husband and I were friends with all these people, so we decided to throw a party to end all parties just in case the world actually did end the next day, though none of us actually believed that was going to happen. We had a friend named “Mad Hatter.” He had legitimately changed his name to “Mad Hatter” and he owned a game store. That’s how we all knew each other, was because of this game store.

We went to his apartment and it was an all-night thing. They had a room–I guess it was a bedroom—set up so that people could go back there and neck, among other things. They had a game of Twister and instead of Jell-O, they had lubricant all over the Twister board. It made Twister so much fun and I’m willing to bet that the lubricant was probably a little more bit sticky than the Jell-O would’ve been. We got condoms and filled them up with water and went to the apartment volleyball pit and played volleyball with the water-filled condoms.

It was a big to-do. We were all very, very drunk and some of us were high. We were passing around a clove-in-orange. What you do is you take an orange and you stick cloves in it. Whole cloves. And you take it around to different people at the party, and if the person you gave it to took it out with their fingers, you gave them a kiss on the hand, and if they took it out with their mouth, you gave them a kiss on the mouth. At one point, Mad Hatter’s wife got up on the coffee table and was doing a strip tease. It was pretty fun. Mad Hatter definitely lived up to his name.

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