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It’s a story about myself and my animals that I have. My children, and now my grandchildren, always considered me an animal whisperer. Whether it be a bird, whether it be a dog, whether it be a cat, no matter what animal it is, seems that I can get along with each one of them and they understand me. I remember when my first three children were, I guess they were around the age of 7,8,9, each one of them was born within a year or year and a half of each other. And we had a dog. And my wife used to say to me all the time, “Take him out in the backyard and will you wash him off?” And I would go out with a hose and the children would come and soap him down and we’d wash him and brush him. In the meantime, I had also caught in the street or in the park, a dwarf parrot. The children saw the parrot while they were playing in the yard and they said, “Dad, there’s a parrot there, go talk to him, go catch him, have him come by you.” So I saw the bird up in a tree and I called the bird, whistled like he did, and squawked like he did, and the bird came and flew down. He went on the grass and I walked over to the grass where he was, and I put my hand out and the bird came into my hand. So then I grabbed him and I held him because the children wanted to take him home. So that made a problem that I had to buy a cage now. So I bought the cage. Now I have a dog and a bird.

Of course, they were always fishing some kind of turtles. I never was able to speak to a fish or a turtle. I never had that power. You either had to be walking or four-legged walker, which a turtle does, but I couldn’t do that.

So one day, this is sort of important. I was in the yard and I was washing the dog. And I took the dwarf parrot out of the cage and I decided I wonder if he would like to get washed because he was squalking. So after we washed the dog, I took this hose and I sprayed him. He didn’t like that at all. So he took off and flew up, flew up, flew over the roof and flew out of sight. He went out into the street. I live in row homes. And he flew over the house and went into the street and the children and I had to run out into the street. And he was nowhere to be found. Then I heard squawking, sort of the next black down and they said, “Dad…” what’s his name….Mr Schultz, “Mr Schultz is down the street!” Why they gave him that name, I have no idea. Mr Schultz is squawking down the street, so we went down the street, and he was up in the highest tree up in the street. I started squawking like him. But he wouldn’t come down.

And then all of a sudden it got very dark out, very, very dark. It started thundering and lightning and I said, “Kids, we got to go home. The heck with this bird. I’ll get you another one some day.” And they were crying, they wanted this bird, they wanted this bird… And I yelled up to him, I didn’t squawk with him, I just yelled up to him. I says, “The H– with you! You don’t want to come with me? Stay up there and maybe lightning will hit ya!” And we started running down the street because it started really raining and sort of thunder-storming and raining. And we had to run halfway down the block to get back home again. And in the meantime, do you know when we were halfway down the block? This damn bird flew down from the tree and came on my shoulder and came back in the house.

It's a story about myself and my animals that I have. My children, and now my grandchildren, always considered me an animal whisperer. Whether it be a bird, whether it be a dog, whether it...

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