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The Neighborhood I Grew Up In

Life Story Club Contributor

April 17, 2020

It started out when my father was an engineer. I was born in New York but we immediately started moving around. We lived in a trailer and we had to move every time he had a different project we would move. I remember my early childhood was mostly in the woods. I have pictures of my mother wheeling me around in a sled. I think we were upstate in the freezing cold. Buffalo, I think. My mother really got sick of all this because her whole family was in Brooklyn. She wasn’t getting along with my father because of the close contact.

So me and my mother moved in with the Gershawn’s, which was my mother’s favorite, closest sister. And there were two kids there. And one of them, Freddy, was close to my age. Maybe one or two years older. That period of my life was really great. We hung around in the beach all day. We were right across the street from Brighton Beach. And in those days, Brighton Beach was a private beach.

In the mornings we’d get up and go to the beach and I’d be walking around the beach hanging out. And my mother would be playing handball because she was very athletic and I’d be left to wander around. And then sometimes me and the other little kids would walk to Coney Island on the boardwalk and go on the Cyclone and the roller coaster and all that.

Then my father came back and he got into business with that side of the family. They had an insurance company. My grandfather ran it. And then we moved to another part of Brooklyn. I was old enough then to go to school.

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