Greatest Spectacle

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In California there’s a little pond and there were otters, swimming on their back. I saw an otter there with a baby on its stomach as it swam around. That was amazing.

The last spectacular thing I saw was, I went to the lakes in Italy, Lake Como, and it was sort of just how you thought it would be. You just walked somewhere to have coffee and you sat down and looked out on this beautiful lake. Wherever you turned—I took a trail one day and there was a coffee shop sitting there, on the edge of a cliff. It was amazing. I love that in Europe there’s always a place to sit and have a cup of coffee or an ice cream and enjoy the view.

There’s such a different feeling of being part of nature and being taken in by it.

I traveled to Italy about two summers ago. I was supposed to travel this summer but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I have a feeling it won’t happen anymore for a long time. Just getting on an airplane doesn’t make me feel good anymore.

I like some of these English groups. I travel with them a lot. They’re called The Ramblers or HFC Holiday. They’re usually all retired people. The English like to travel a lot because you don’t realize how close England is to everywhere. Everything is at their backdoor. It was sort of incredible. It was just a different pace.

I realized that I have no aptitude for languages and people are so nice. The plane would come late and I can’t find something or there’s a million steps and I can’t get up with my luggage but people always step in. People might say that senior citizens are ignored but I don’t find that at all. When I really need help, I always find that someone comes marching along and gives me a hand.

What I try to do is put a few trips back to back and it just isn’t easy getting the traveling straightened out. There’s always something that goes wrong. I have a terrible time with the telephones, so I can’t really call. I get off the train and I just feel like I’m going to find a way to get where I’m going to go, and it always works out. I’ve never been left overnight sitting at a train station or anything like that.

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