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My neighborhood

Life Story Club Contributor

November 18, 2019

I lived in Jackson Heights, Queens. It’s near LaGuardia airport so you could hear the planes, and sometimes my mother would drive down and we’d pass the loop, pass the airport, so we could see the planes. Down my block there was a playground so I used to go there, and also there was the train station. So 74th Street was the main one and they had the L-Train too. But also 82nd Street and 74th Street were big places to buy things, because we had Woolworths on 82nd Street and Lamsons on 74th Street. So we had fun going all over the place. And my church was on 82nd Street, so after church we would get out and then there was a Jahn’s, so we’d go to Jahn’s after and have an ice cream. And that’s my favorite thing in life, ice cream.

They made really good sundaes.

They sure did. So my neighborhood was great. I had a lot of fun with that; but the only thing is, I have to tell you, my husband lived in the Lower East Side and he hated Queens; because I had the apartment and he didn’t because he lived with his mother. And as soon as we could get an apartment… My boss got us an apartment on Stuyvesant Town, so we lived there. And now we live in my mother-in-law’s apartment, which was a two-bedroom apartment. They moved to 29th and First Avenue, by the hospital. And it’s a two-bedroom apartment and it’s cheaper because they had the cheap rent when they… It’s wonderful. And they don’t have a doorman, but they have security. So you feel safe. And it’s nice around there; there’s a lot of places to eat and a lot of places to hang out. So the only problem is I have MS, so I have to be here.

But other than that, it’s great.

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