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Life Story Club Contributor

Mar 2, 2020

My greatest achievement is… This coming Friday, speaking to the counselors about housing, and moving out of here, and I’m going back into my apartment. Yes, they’re definitely coming in here on Friday. I’m in the system for apartments and I’ll be moving out of here soon and going back in society. God is working on me and everything. I’m blessed.

So, this is not permanent for me. This is just a stepping stone.


Life Story Club Contributor

In my church, we have young adult choir. I will, along with the choir, perform different solos, different songs, church songs to sing with the group. We also went out to each other’s house to rehearse. We also had dinner and we got along. We also paid dues. After a while, some of us didn’t pay dues, but I found myself paying dues. We knew we were gathering on nothing. After a while, the choir broke up and then somebody maliciously took some paint. And while the choir robes were hung up, they tried to paint all over the robes. So we had no robes, after a while, to perform with. When we went back into the room, it was all paint. Some vicious person put paint all over the robes. The devil is always in the church. And the devil always busy in here, in the church and everywhere else. So, that was sad. So, after a while, the choir had to disband.

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Greatest Adventure

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 24, 2020

One of the most adventurous things is, my cousin, who had Myasthenia gravis and bedbugs in her house. She passed away. So after she passed away, I call one of my mother’s friends and tell them my cousin passed away.

She said, forget that she’s your cousin and you got to move out of the house. So I pack up most of my things and had them out in front of the house, and I call my brother and ask my brother, can I come and live with him. He said he had to think about it. And he called me back and said yes.

So I pack my stuff up, move out to Long Island. Amityville, Long Island. He came and got me. My family saw me off. Then as I lived with my brother, he didn’t want me to touch this, he didn’t want me to touch that. He didn’t want me to touch this. I said, “Well, you know where I come from, I don’t have anything. Why are you fussing about what I’m touching?” He said, “Well, these are my things and you’re touching my stuff.” I said, “Well, what am I going to do?”

So he was a dialysis patient. He had mood swings. I said, “It’s time for me to move on.” So when I heard, I called assisted living, they said they’ll take me on as a resident. I repack my stuff, went to assisted living, but I couldn’t eat their food.

So I went in the hospital because I was bleeding in my stool. And I had to go to the hospital. And when I said, “I can’t go back to the assisted living because their food is not good for me.” I had to move on. And I came here. And I came here, I saw a lot of older people. I’m looking for young people to associate with. I ain’t have too many when I came. But then I said, “I had to find another purpose for being here.” And that’s it.

A Scary Encounter

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 10, 2020

One morning about four o’clock in the morning, this robber was robbing a house on a block before mine. And my yard was being repaired at the time. So when he came down the alley, my yard was the first yard that he had to go through to get away.Well, we had a little dog in our kitchen. The robber jumped from the dirt into my kitchen window. And when he did that the little dog that was there went crazy, kept spinning around, spinning around, spinning around. Anytime you come near him, he’s spinning around and spinning, because he was scared. So eventually I had to put the dog away.

Then the robber went through my dining room and went through my living room, jumped out the window by my front porch, ran across the street, the apartment building, jumped through there and kept on going. The cops never found a trace of blood. And now up to this day, my father, when he heard that noise, he was going to come downstairs. But we told him, “No,” because the man could have killed my father. And thank God nobody got hurt. And I did a lot of repairing and everything like that at the house.

When it happened I was upstairs. We were all upstairs. And we just heard the crashing and everything. And then everybody at the house, after they see the body imprint of the broken glass in the front window. Then they went across the street and they saw the guy’s print. He was well prepared. He was determined to get away. All right? And they found not one drop of blood trailing behind him.

I was scared but thank God that none of my family got hurt. Nobody got shot. Nobody got shot. But the poor dog; we had to put the poor dog away because every time you come to the dog he spinning around like this. So we had to do that, had to kill the dog. He went crazy. Every time you come near him, he’s spinning around. The dog was here to secure the house. But when the man jumped through the window, the poor dog went crazy. And that never changed. He got traumatized and we had to put him to sleep because every time you wanted to touch him, he’d spin around. He was nervous, he was shocked, he was traumatized that somebody would jump into the kitchen window.

And the cops rang the bell. The cops rang the bell after the robber got away.


Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 3, 2020

My sister was trying to make a cake in the kitchen, but she also had the radio playing. So I said, “You better watch the batter.” She said, “It’s all right. It’s all right.” And she’s dancing to the music, because she’s stirring the batter. The next thing you know, the whole batter tips over on the floor.

And I turned around and laughed, because I told her to watch the batter. And she wouldn’t listen. I think that was funny to me.


Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 3, 2020

When I was in a nursing home, we had to be evacuated because water was coming in the nursing home, and all the beds had to be put on different trucks and taken to another place in Long Island.

So, the beds were electric, so when they had to let you go outing, as the bed was, that stayed until the power came back on. So, when I had to go to the bathroom, I just had to get myself up to go to the bathroom and then lie back down on a floor bed, because the bed didn’t have no power. So the next day when they gave us bells to ring, they said, “Take this bell and go back to your facility.”

So we went back to the facility, we started ringing our bell, and the nurse says, “You think that when you ring that bell we’re going to answer? We didn’t answer before, you think when you ring that bell we’re going to answer?”

You ring the bell, they wouldn’t answer.

So we all got back, we said, “Thank God.” I called my brother, because he lived in Long Island, tell him, “I’m here, you can come and visit.” He says, “Sure.” So he came to visit me and then we moved back home.

I’ve been sick a lot of my life, so I’ve been gone from different facilities getting better and then, you know, get sick again.

Most Joyful Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Jan 27, 2020

Most joyful day, the morning that I was going to look at an apartment for the first time. But because I was not able to walk properly because my pants kept sliding down, they assumed that I wouldn’t be able to make it out the house if the aid came. So sad part about it is I never got the apartment.

The second one, have you ever taken a huge risk? Yes. Same thing with the apartment, it’s a risk to take the apartment, but because the way I walked, they didn’t give me the apartment. So yes, I would just that close. I went to see the apartment, touch my hand on it, prayed on it, and I still didn’t get the apartment. They gave it away to somebody else.

I filled out a paper saying do not give this apartment to anybody else and they gave to somebody else. I never got the apartment.

It was in Brooklyn in my old neighborhood in Crown Heights and that was in a Jewish area. I’m familiar with St John’s Place, and Schenectady, and the park, and everything. And I never got it because I was always sick and I went in the hospital so they took me off the list and that was it.

It had two bedrooms. I was going to share with somebody. I had to share the kitchen, share the refrigerator. Nice, I just had to climb up a little bit of stairs, and it was on the first floor. I didn’t need no elevator. But I never got it because the devil stepped in and took it away.

Would you like to look at your apartment? And I say, “Yes.” Got dressed and everything, but then my pants kept sliding down because the aide didn’t dress me properly. I kept saying, “Wait a minute!” And then I’m pulling my pants up and sliding back down. So we was fighting with the pants and I never got the apartment.

Young Trouble

Life Story Club Contributor

Dec 2, 2019

My sister, when she was younger, she used to have a lot of friends. So she went out, and my mother told her to come in on time. She decides she’s going to come in when she feel like coming in. That she’s grown. She’s going to hang out with her friends.

So when my sister finally came home, she had the key. So she figured since she got the key she know how to get inside the house, and then which steps creak and which steps don’t creak. She got up to the upper stairs and she said, “Well, I made it inside the door. I’m doing good.” Then she goes to go up the stairs, she made it to the first couple of steps. Then she looks up and seen my mother at the top of the stairs with a white flowing nightgown, like a real angel.

And my mother says, “Didn’t I tell you to get in?” She said, “But, but, but, but, but, but, but…” So my mother said, “I’m going to deal with you now.” Because my father goes to sleep. He let’s my mother take care of it. And that’s it.

I was a goody, goody two-shoes. Yeah, my sister got in all the trouble. Just to win friends. She got spanked. She got beat! She got it with a belt, because my mother had the belt and she told her what she had to tell her.

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