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Wondrous Nature

Life Story Club Contributor

I would say the most wondrous thing that I’ve seen was when I first went to Niagara Falls. I went to Canada in the 60s. It was the first time I had ever seen so much water in one place. I was born in the city, concrete jungle, you know what I mean. So you didn’t see trees or grass or water or nothing like that. So when you got an opportunity to go away to see wide open spaces, mountains, water, mist…It was a spectacle.

So I remember going there… I got the trip as a graduation present when I graduated from High School. So it had to be 1967 I graduated from high school. And we went to Canada. I went to Niagara falls with some friends and family. On a bus, so it was a long bus ride. My first really long bus ride. From New York City it was about eight or 10 hours, something like that from New York. But you know, we stopped and had lunch along the way. And because you’re with friends and family and having fun on the bus, and telling jokes, and eating, snacking, so … Niagara Falls is very memorable. WE went on the Maid of the Mist, you know, the boat that goes under. And I have a picture, with the black hat and the rain coat. And even with all of the protective gear, we still got wet. But it was just amazing, Niagara Falls. Beautiful. You know, where does all this water come from? And where is it going? It just keeps going and going and going and doesn’t stop! It just keeps going and going. Where does it go? Where does it come from?

We were on the Canadian side, I believe. But you could just walk right up. It was my first time out of the country. I realized I was out of a country because we had to go through, you know, checkpoint, I guess it was. I felt like we were still in the United States, but we were in North America, but you were in another country. Road-tripping wasn’t too bad. I was young, I was a teenager. And now that I’m old, I’m doing it again. You know, taking long bus trips. Life goes on. It was nice, I enjoyed that trip. And I’ve been back to Niagara Falls several times since then. Each time it’s just amazing. The last time I went, I went during a holiday and they shine the lights on the fall, and they played like patriotic. It was just like another experience. But each time it was a different experience, but to me it’s still spectacular.

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A Joyful Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Mar 10, 2020

I guess my most joyful days was when I married my husband. So that was a very joyous day. I’m glad they took pictures because I don’t remember a thing. You just caught up in the moment he just don’t remember what’s happening around you. I remember there was a lot of people there. I guess I said I do because I had the ring.

You know, and he followed me home. So I said, “What are you doing here?” You know, “We got married.” I said, “Oh, we did. Where was I?” He said, “You were right there!” It was a very memorable day.

I was probably numb. Like, I guess on a cloud somewhere, and so you’re not really in reality, so you’re on another dimension. The pictures came out very beautiful and I have an album, proving that I was there so I guess I was there in body only and it was, it was very memorable. Friends, family, former coworkers, people hadn’t seen for a long time, they were all there. A lot of my friends, you know, dressed up and smiling.

I got married in New York City. I’m from New York. My was from the Virgin Islands, St. Croix and I was born and raised in New York and we met at the hospital. I was a nurse. He was a housekeeper. Building maintenance. So we started talking. “Hi, how are you?” You know, just casual and then it went from casual to dates and dinner and, you know, “How about let’s getting together.”

We got married in the Crowne Plaza Hotel right by the JFK airport in the gazebo outside and it was nice. Pictures came out very beautiful, beautiful.

Childhood Friends

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 18, 2020

My childhood best friend, her name was Barbara. We moved in–

Well, first, my childhood best friend was my sister because it was just two girls and three boys and we were 13 months apart, so we just were like twins. And so we played together a lot. And, you know, because we did play with the boys, they were too rough. And, you know, they always wanted to do boy stuff. We wanted to do girl stuff. And they didn’t want to play with dolls. And I don’t want to play with their trucks and their cars and stuff. So my sister and I, we were best friends.

And then we moved to a five-story walkup tenement, flat in Harlem. And I had also had a friend that lived on the first floor. There was a lot of boys around too. So there was a girl who lived on the first floor. Her name was Sharon. We were friends. So the three of us were friends.

And then we moved to Queens, you know, to our house. So we had a front yard, a backyard, and we thought we were in heaven. And I met there was also a lot of boys in that neighborhood. And then there was one girl that lived across the street, her name was Barbara. And we just. Then it was my sister, myself and Barbara. So we just kind of, you know, we were always together.

We still keep in touch. She lives in Ohio now. She has kids and grandkids. And, you know, my sister’s in Colorado, so we all still keep in touch.

Funny story: My mother was very…she sheltered us. We weren’t allowed to go in somebody else’s house. Barbara’s parents didn’t allow us there. We weren’t we couldn’t go over there. They she couldn’t come over here. So we used to meet in the middle of the street. You can imagine us standing in the middle of the street, you know, talking and playing. But at that time, there was not a lot of cars around. You know, it was kind of safe. We played in the street. We just played in the street. We were young. We played in the street. And it wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t an issue.

But we couldn’t go in their house. You don’t go in anybody else’s house You never eat any food that they offer you. You always say, “No thank you, no thank you.” You know, so it was just a little caution because you don’t even know what you’re going into sometimes when you’re going into somebody else’s house. My mother was very wise. And I kind of still have those, you know, jut a little caution. No paranoia, no crazy stuff, just caution. Just caution, a little wisdom.

So we had a lot of fun together, you know, jump rope, jacks, the things you play in the street. Double Dutch. I never learned how to ride a bike. We weren’t bike people, but we had a lot of fun. A lot of walking, a lot of outside activities. Of course this was before this so we had a lot of outside activities. Healthy exercise. We didn’t have any fear at that time.

We went to the same Junior High School, but we went to different high schools. I don’t know how that happened. We went to different colleges but we studied the same thing. My girlfriend was a nurse so I was a nurse also. My sister was clerical. She did a lot of clerical stuff. I wasn’t very clerical so I went into the healthcare field. Barbara and I are both nurses, retired now. My sister is also retired. She was a court officer. She had friends who are lawyers and judges. My friends were all nurses.

Barbara and I parted as far as schooling goes. When we came back together we found out we were both nurses. Because she went away and I went away. And then we met up again a couple years later. I don’t know why we stopped corresponding. It wasn’t like we were penpals or anything like that. We kind of lost track and then when we came back together we found out that we had both studied in the same field.

My mom was a nurse, that’s why I became a nurse. I don’t know how she decided to go into the field. I don’t know what went into her decision. Yeah, my mom was a nurse and used to come home with all these stories and I was like, “Oh my god, tell me more.” And my dad said, “That’s not the kind of subject you discuss at the table,” because we ate together as a family and that’s when we had the discussion. My dad said, “Oh don’t talk about that, don’t talk about that,” and I said, “No, I want to hear! I want to hear the rest of the story!” She would tell some really exciting stories.

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