Drive to a Schooner Cruise

Life Story Club Contributor

September 21, 2020

This was something that happened with a friend of mine, but I was in my 30s. And we lived in New York, and we went on a schooner cruise in Maine. That was a lot of fun. But on our way there, it was a very long drive. It was, I don’t know, within six hours, and I got very cramped sitting in the car and we got out at a rest area. And I had taken dance lessons for many, many years. And the exercises that I was accustomed to doing were dance exercises. So I was standing by a railing doing some dance exercises to unloosen, to unstiffen my body. And a couple of men came up. And so that was interesting. I wasn’t married at the time, and neither was my friend.

One of them said, “Are you a dancer?” And I just thought, here I am far away from home and these are complete strangers. I’m going to risk something and I lied and said, “Yes,” thinking I could make a new life for myself where I’d just temporarily take on a new personality. “Oh, where do you dance?” he said. So I said, “I’m at the New York City Ballet.” I didn’t mess around, I went for the best. And he said, “Oh you must know my daughter. She is at the New York City Ballet too.” My goose is cooked, I have to fess up. So I said, “Well I actually I was joking. I’m not at the New York City Ballet. I’m just an amateur.” But if I had been quicker minded, I would have been able to make more of a story of that and pretend that I was a real ballet dancer. I must have been very thin at the time. I’m not thin anymore. But to even get them to believe short term that I was a dancer was quite an achievement. But anyway, I remember that because that was fun.

Back then my friend wasn’t in on it. She was just standing there watching. And she was being quiet and not giving away the real story. No, it’s nothing I never did before and I never tried it again, because I got caught so easily. But it was a nice thought to make up a new life for myself and then the exciting ones.

We were going to Rockport, Maine, I think, or Camden, Maine where the schooner trip left from. So we had a nice five days out on the water. And it was a schooner. It’s a big sailboat. And it was big enough to hold about 40 people. We got to help with the ropes. And I had just seen some lovely places and swam in the ice-cold Maine ocean water. And that was fun. My friend was the one who found it, and she invited me to join her on it. I only went the one time on the schooner but she kept going back. I found it a little confining because we were sitting most of the time so, I didn’t feel like doing it again. But it was fun for the one time.

I think I know it was four or five hours to Boston and then three or more hours to Maine. It must have been more than six hours. It was more like an eight or nine-hour trip. We shared the driving. I once did go drive to Maine all by myself and that was really totally exhausting.

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