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A Family Holiday

Life Story Club Contributor

Nov 22, 2019

I am in America, Thanksgiving story I don’t know. Yes. But I like turkey. Before, I cannot eat turkey, but now I can eat turkey. It’s very good for body I love this one, and I try to come to America and I tried to cook this turkey. I like that cook drumstick, breast, and everything. I like it.

What was the first time you ate turkey?

Turkey, maybe 10 years ago. I cannot eat because of the smell. So I didn’t eat, but I tried to eat turkey. It’s a good for my body so I continued to eat turkey.

Oh, you didn’t like it at first?

Yeah. There is this smell. And this is… Sauce.

Cranberry sauce.

Cranberry sauce. With the cranberry sauce, yum together. Oh, nice. Oh yes. I did myself. Because I learned from other people who can pay do it. They teach me something, but I don’t know. It’s just stuffing something, put it in, I don’t know, but I use a bakery to boiling, boiling with turkey and there’s a turkey come out and I tried with the cranberry sauce. Yeah, together…

You cook for your family?

I cook myself.

Was there a holiday in Korea that you celebrate?

Oh, in Korea, not too much is a holiday. We got a thanksgiving time we bake something cake, a Korean cake. The other people, share with everybody.

Extraordinary Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Nov 1, 2019

I was travel to Indonesia. After then, I go to after stone, I go to the …is the wood. How is called …walking..or some there-

I don’t know. And there’s a dropping, after then, this color, water color is so, so is not…clean After then, I come down and somebody picked me. If not, I die.

Oh, you fell into-Like a well?

Water, water.

Indonesia.. I didn’t know this was a hole.

Oh, you fell through a bridge? It was like, a wood bridge?

Yes. Yes.

And you fell through it? Wow.

But it was good, I was…This one, this one, looks like I am in a hole.

The bridge had like, stands on the bottom. You fell through the hole and you held on to like a post.

Yeah, I fall. I’m here.

Were you young?

Oh yes, I not too young, but I was helpless.


Indonesia, I travel Indonesia.

Was during work, you were on a trip?

I travel. Travel.

On vacation? Some vacation…


Life Story Club Contributor

Nov 1, 2019

I am, just to say, I am very interested in all the stuff because I can find out something very interesting, something piano or-Or it’s a poem, some, that thing.

Ming plays the… She plays the piano exquisitely.

Mm, was that you on the piano?

That was Ming. M I N G. Miss Ming. It was Ming, that’s right.

I am happy to come all the style because very interesting. And I like to do something is happening here. So I like line dancing.

Poem, but poems, I made a poem in Korean. Korean. But it’s translate yesterday for-I made this one is something very, is not go through so I, yesterday I went to my translator and that I spoke to her and she said, this is very difficult to translate because this is poem and my emotional inside. So very difficult to translate, she said. I can’t make yesterday.

But she’s working on translating?

It’s right. She’s a translate, but this meaning is not coming with the me. So this is difficult.

There’s something lost in translation. Right?

Yes. It’s good to start, I just-

So, where did you learn how to write?

Oh, this is not learn somewhere, because I come to here, she said, you poem, a poem class is okay. And I every time attending, but there is a different than me. My feeling and they feeling is speaking something is different. So I want to try to find out what can I do? And that I think about my all truths come out. This in my poem, don’t you? I think I don’t write anything. I, from my mind, come everything out. So this writing, when it’s Korean pattern over there they say, wow, you learn before? I say I didn’t learn any. And then she say something truth come out and then I-

Because I tried to this one and I writing, but she said more time too, is simple. So I want to try to English. Right now I try English. Because, English and Korean, I make this difficult. My emotion and the come back through.

Yesterday I tried to read the heart happen or we stop and I went to … So I went yesterday, they say, you are emotional. We cannot translate too, they say this is a very good meaning but they cannot translate.

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