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Most Joyful Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 29, 2019

Well, my most joyful day is, I have two children. I have a son and I have a daughter. But my son was six years old when I had my daughter. In those days they had no sonogram. When I had my daughter, I started crying. Because she was wrapped in her umbilical cord. She was blue, blue, blue. But, as a mother, you start crying.

But I love my, I love my kids. But when my daughter was born, I was so happy. I always wanted to have a girl. I wanted a girl, you know. And my son, he told me, you know when you’re pregnant, mommy’s having a baby. He said, “Mommy, are you having a baby girl?” You go, oh David, I don’t know what Mommy’s having. When I had her, he says, you know baby’s cries a lot, he told me, “Mommy, go give her back. She cries a lot.” He told me give that back. But, when I had my daughter I was so happy.

And your son David, he like having a sister?

Yeah. In the end. They’re six years apart. Yeah. He’s 49 and she’s 43.

Love Changes

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 22, 2019

Well, after my husband died, about two years later I met this guy, Ecuadorian. I met him in a dance. I like to dance. He told me, “Oh, could I take your phone number?” “Okay, why not?” We’re dancing. He tells me, “Give me a kiss.” I’m very daring. I did give him the kiss. Take the kiss. He took me home. I gave him my phone number. He pulled up, four o’clock in the morning, my son says, “Ma, who’s Angel?” “Angel… Ooh, that’s a friend I met, that’s a friend,” I told my son.

We dated for, wow, I did care for him, like almost for two years. I met his parents, I met his mother, his sisters, and everything. For about a year, we’re going out, he gave me an engagement ring. He said, I love you so much. Oh Christ. What? After that year, he change. I live on the 11th floor, he was seeing somebody on the 12th floor, ended that.

And I’m a person… I went to him. So one day he came to my house. He used to check. “Tell me something about that girl from the 12th floor.” 

“How do you know that? I never told you that.” And you know, getting two and two together. I’m very suspicious. It’s been years, I haven’t seen him. Sometimes I see him in the park, I won’t talk to him, doesn’t talk to me. That’s why I don’t trust no men.

You still run into him?

Every once in a while and we don’t speak. Because he know he did me wrong.

He still with the same lady?

No. He’s with somebody else. That’s why I don’t trust no men.

My first date

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 22, 2019

Well, my Mom didn’t believe about dating. She was an old fashioned person. When I used to work years ago, I dated, he took me on a date. He was from Bangladesh and went only to see a show in his country. It was nice and we dated for a couple of times. That’s it. Then when I met my son’s Father, I hated him!

I had my son. We got separated when I was three months pregnant. I went through a lot. My Mother threw me out. I had to live at her sister’s house. Then my son met his Father when he was five years old. And then after that, I met my daughter’s Father. He became his Dad. Then my husband was much older than me. He was a good Father to my daughter and until… My husband, we already met but we lived together for so many years, but he’s my daughter’s Father for 17 years. And he died in 1992. That’s it.

Your son’s Father, you guys were forced to be separated?

No, I was in Pennsylvania and he said something to this other woman in Spanish. Oh, that made me jealous. I mean I don’t know that person. She came from Puerto Rico, running from husband to get my husband. From that time, oh yeah, females are like that. And then I met my daughter’s Father, much older, he had three other kids, but he was separated from his wife years ago. His wife, Pat, his ex wife Pat, nice friend. But we were friends.

They were separated for many years. And my husband died. I call him my husband but we were not married, but lived 17 years with this person. He died in 1992, he had lung cancer and he died at home. He told me that. My daughter is 43 years old. She misses her Dad. He was a very good Father, a very good Father. You know things happen. Happy to have good friends and stuff but nothing.

A family tradition

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 1, 2019

Mine is Thanksgiving. My mom cooks, my mother always cooked. It’s all of us, the grandchildren get together at Thanksgiving. For Christmas they have no family, but for Thanksgiving, the kids are here, the grandparents are here. That’s what she does, she wants her big table…but she cooks a lot! Whoever brings dessert, whatever for Thanksgiving, that’s my favorite thing for me and my mom. She’s always had Thanksgiving. When my kids were little, there was a table for the little ones, and a table for adults. She cooks, she always cooks. My mother is 95! And she still cooks! She has red hair! My mom dyes her hair auburn red! She’s a little lady. She likes looking pretty. Her mind comes and goes, you know, but my brother and my sister deliver her. But if somebody cannot make it for Thanksgiving, they make it for Christmas Eve. Last year was for Christmas Eve. We don’t know yet for this year! It’s a big planning. 

My neighborhood

Life Story Club Contributor

October 1, 2019

I was born in Puerto Rico, but I came here when I was a year and a half. I was very young. We were… 8, my mom, my dad, and my siblings, we were 6. In an apartment on Pacific Street, so I know this area really well. I was like about 10 years, I went to live with my grandmother. Because my mother used to travel. She was the one who taught me how to cook, how to take care of myself, and everything. My mom, I used to see my mom…one day, my grandma told me, “Minerva, I want you to do this, this and that.” I was 10 years old! She called my mom, and my mom came, and she ate the dinner. She said, “You know who made that dinner? Minerva!” My mom is 95 years old now. She lives here, on the second floor at Wyckoff. 95 years old. I still do a lot of cooking for the holidays. My grandmother taught me how to cook. She passed away when in 1986, she was 105. So I know this neighborhood very well, this is my neighborhood.

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