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An Unexpected Performance

George P.

This is a story in two parts. The first part is just to give you a little bit about me, my aunt and my uncle, Aunt Julia and uncle if. And they lived out in Bayside. My uncle if was really a very good athlete, sportsman or whatever, and he tried to teach me a whole bunch of different things, one of which was ice skating. So out in Bayside, they had the Crocheron park, and Crocheron park had like a little lake there, and in the wintertime would freeze over. So he would take me out and let me started with ice skating. And I guess I was kind of halfway decent at it. And each year as I was growing, my aunt and uncle would always buy me a pair of hockey skates for Christmas time. So time went on.

My uncle, finally, he didn’t want to do ice skating anymore, so he gave me his pair of racing skates and I used them for a while until my feet got too big. And then I never got any new ice skates and I never went back to ice skating. I don’t know, I guess I stopped skating in Bayside probably around the time I turned 15 or 16. So years later, this woman I knew was selling these relatively inexpensive ice skates. So she sold a pair to my friend Kurt and she sold a pair to me and went to some ice skating rink. And I thought that I would be able to just go on the ice and skate like I used to, which wasn’t really the case.

The skates and all my ankles, or both didn’t support me on the ice skate. So I had a hell of a time skating. And there was this one woman there and everybody looked at her. She was kind of dumpy and middle aged and she said she was going to go out and she’s going to dance on the ice with her ice skates. And everybody was laughing. She got out on the ice and it was just an amazing thing to watch her.

The way she moved was like music. And she was just dancing around like Tanya Harding.

I went over to her and I said, “Wow.” I was really amazed. I was entertained. I was impressed. And I said to her, “How did you learn how to skate so good?” She says to me many years ago, when she was young, maybe in her 20s or early 20s or in her late teens, she made the Olympics. But she didn’t make the A-team. She made the B-team in the Olympics. So the B-team is kind of like replacements if somebody gets injured in the A-team. 

But it was just an amazing performance. Fire. I had never seen anything in my life as good as this, up close and personal.

She was such a nice lady. Still happy that I was talking to her about skating. I was telling her about at one time, I had knew something about skating, and today I can’t even do it after so many years. So she was just laughing. We just kind of enjoyed talking to each other. I don’t think anybody came over to talk to the lady. It was just such an amazing experience, one that I’ll never forget.

This is a story in two parts. The first part is just to give you a little bit about me, my aunt and my uncle, Aunt Julia and uncle if. And they lived out in Bayside. My...

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