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A Life Story

Life Story Club Contributor

Mar 2, 2020

This was many years ago and I was young and I was single and never had sex with a man. And I met a man and I kind of fell for him and thought he was nice and everything.

And it was a one-two thing, not much at all. But I became pregnant and he had said he would marry me or whatever and he lied. And I don’t know, he could have been married already. So I was afraid of my mother, I was very young. Today I never would have done this, but I decided, and a lot of people did at that time to, to give up my daughter for adoption. So I did that. And my father I think drove me to the city to a place in Brooklyn, over Brooklyn, not Brooklyn. And I thought I would probably have other children and things like that and, what can I say about it? I mean what is it nine years of suffering tremendously and losing her and I eventually I went to find her and I did.

And so far after all these years, she hasn’t been willing to meet with me. So I accept it better than I did before. For nine, how many years after that, I was suffering and suffering and I never had other children. I was never married and so it was very painful experience. She’s successful, she was adopted by this family and the mother was nasty to me. After I had something to tell her and after that she became like cruel, and what she was talking to me about or whatever. She resented me but it’s been a really awful, but I started traveling. I tried to make my life a better life. I’ve never been married. I’m going to say again, I didn’t marry him either, he lied.

So I still now, I’ve been sick, very sick and I forget a lot of my thoughts. I would like to try and contact her again. I’ve done, I have papers and papers of things. I would like to try again. And I feel that if it doesn’t work, I’m not going to be as horrified as I used to be. You know, I’ll accept it. I don’t know if she still feels the same, but she’s successful and she had a family with them.

Greatest Adventure

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 24, 2020

I’m not that adventurous of person, but when I was afraid to go to school, I finally I registered for school and got two degrees. I loved it. And use that information.

Also, I went on a trip to Israel when I was quite young and I was supposed to work there, but that didn’t work out because my friend had left when her boyfriend left there. So, I spent some time in Israel in a country. I went in the middle of the night on a train. I was traveling by myself.

Those things, I guess, took some courage. They weren’t that easy to do.

In Israel I saw one of my friends who was there. I think we were supposed to work together. Well, she gave that up. She was traveling with a dog and we traveled around there. Then I had met a guy on the train going there. So, that’s why I went back to the next country, but that never worked out with him. But it was very interesting seeing Israel and other countries and then returning to the states.

She was there for quite a while. She wanted me to join, we didn’t really travel that much. The city we were in was growing a lot. Things were changing, people were growing. It was interesting.

A Night of Music

Life Story Club Contributor

I think it was last night I’ve came here and there was a group singing. Two men. Saturday night. Fabulous. The Louis Brothers. They were wonderful. I’ve been so impressed with them. They sang so beautifully. That was really good.

Also, there was a recording of a very famous singer, who is Italian. I was here with a friend and we were sitting there and she had to rush out, but once he started singing, she couldn’t leave. I think he’s one of the best singers in the world. He sings in English and Italian and other languages. Andrea Bocelli.

I love music and those two experiences.

Most Joyful Day

Life Story Club Contributor

Jan 27, 2020

I would say when I started going to college. I was afraid and I was working to avoid it, and then I decided I was going to do it. And I ended up getting two college degrees, loving it, and using that information for other experiences. I got the degrees one after the other.

I used to do some social work, but I wasn’t particularly, I think, a social worker, as far as I remember. But I had a lot of different experiences.

I had put off college because I was afraid. So I went to work for several months, a long time, and then I decided I’m going to try it, I’m going to do it. And I did it and it was wonderful. I went to college in New York. I definitely used my degrees, definitely, part of my life. And got ready jobs after that.

And I even met very wonderful people. One of my best friends I met in college. So I’d recommend it.


Life Story Club Contributor

Jan 13, 2020

I like to help people. I’ve done quite a bit of that. But I also find that sometimes I put myself at risk because I might do too much, and is it okay, I don’t know everything about people getting hurt or where to go, whatever. So but I do very much like to help people.

I’m not sure if it was a value that I was raised with. I grew up in a kind of unusual … My parents didn’t … they weren’t good for each other. Like they broke up so it wasn’t … And I was born, I became a little girl like at the war, I think World War II, I came into existence. So that was kind of hard. But and I’m just forgetting what I’m saying. I have this thing about forgetting things now but, well so…

I think my parents taught me to be kind to help others. You know, they were very, very good people. And even though they didn’t get along, they broke up completely. And when I was a little girl, they called … my mother, called the police to have them come and take my father out and he was never allowed to live there again in the house. So that was of course upsetting for a young child. And I also had a brother. I don’t know if he was there that day, but I remember that. And, but yet my mother and father would go my father’s sister. She was this person, closest to a Saint, I think I’ll meet on this earth. This woman. And she would have people come over and my father would come over, my mother would come over, even though they didn’t talk to each other. They would be there and they wouldn’t be arguing, you know? So my father, they were good people, but that didn’t really work out.

So I try to help people, but I also need to help myself. Like sometimes I don’t do that too well. But I do like to help others and be with people.

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