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A Memorable Performance

Life Story Club Contributor

Feb 27, 2020

in college I had to take a lot of required courses. The one I put off to the very end was speech. I was very afraid that I would fumble, that I would have to speak in front of a group of people. Years later I was asked by where I worked to go to a symposium that would be on CBS.

So I had to think fast and I knew they were going to ask for statements for why you were there. I said my piece for maybe a nano second and that was it. Now the key to this, if you are ever in an audience and you know they are going to say, and now the audience can say what they want and participate.

The key is to get this hand up as soon as possible because after that, everyone joins in. But this also breaks the ice for the group. And so the executive director and a few people from the agency, “Oh, we saw you on television.” That was my happiness.

It was on the needs of family centers and family agencies and what we needed. And basically what I stated is that they needed to give more money for abused and neglected children. And at that time, let’s say it was in the 70s, they weren’t as sophisticated as us. But I had designed a program for teen parents and then it was starting to be popular. So the pregnant moms would come in, but what I also did is had the dads, if they wanted to join in. So that was novel.

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