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A spectacle

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I was about 18 or 19, and friends and I went to California, Los Angeles. We were looking for an apartment. I guess it was in the evening and we came upon this lovely apartment, with like a horseshoe building and a pool in the middle. The trees were lit up like Christmas trees. And for me that was unbelievable. I mean, it was so beautiful coming from dreary, New York and going to beautiful California, and seeing these little light bulbs on the trees. I was just amazed! And I will never forget that, that really, really impressed me. I mean as beautiful as California is, so much of California is beautiful, but I mean this will never…this just really got into my head. When I came back to New York, what a dreary, dreary-looking place this is when you compare it to wide open spaces, California. I mean, I didn’t celebrate Christmas so I didn’t have those lights at home. On a tree, it was just very impressive. This was not Christmas! It wasn’t Christmas, which is why I was so impressed. A couple of trees in front of the doorway and the lights were sparkly and, and it just made me smile. I said, “Wow. Isn’t that beautiful?”

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