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A Memorable Celebration

Life Story Club Contributor

Mar 10, 2020

I got married on St. Patrick’s Day, and we had such a snowstorm. You would not believe it.  We got 18 inches of snow and 110 people were expected and it was all catered to 110 people. I said, “Dad, no one’s going to show.” And he had already paid all that money. He said, “Sarah. Don’t worry. You’ll see.” We had people flying in from all over and we did not have one cancellation.

It was meant to be. And they all said, “Well, Sarah, for your wedding, we’d go through hell and high water.”

A Memorable Performance

Life Story Club Contributor

Mar 10, 2020

I just wanted to share this story with you because I find that it’s important that families share the good times and the bad and give responsibility to their children and treat their children equally as, you know, I have CP, which is cerebral palsy.

I lived in Europe and finally, we were on the boat coming to the United States in 1940. It was very dangerous at the time because the war was on. People don’t realize how dangerous it was. Anyway, we finally got a boat to take us to the United States. In order to amuse everybody on the boat, and to get them to stop worrying and thinking about what was going on, the crew decided to put on a talent show with the youngsters.

So my sister and I decided to sing a song. we had good voices. We were all lined up standing on the stage and each one was called up to perform. And imagine, my brother, who is a little Pipsqueak—he was two and a half years old—he knew I was unable to stand up or walk even for a very long time, he pops up, and he didn’t know how to speak English. He gets a folding chair and drags it across the strange. I’m sure everyone was wondering, “What is this youngster doing?” And he brings it up to where all the children were going to perform. Now we’ve learned English, he never did.

Any opens up this chair and he says, “Sonia,” which is what they called me (not my given name), “Sonia, sit down.” And I tried to push him away. And then he says, louder and louder, “Sonia.” He would not get off that stage until I sat down. He was so caring! Just two and a half years old. And you know what, he still does.

It goes to show you that. It all depends on the parents and the children. And the song was I think you probably remember: “Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, how you can love. Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, Heaven above.” that was a hit song in England, in the 40’s. I don’t know how many remember that song.


Life Story Club Contributor

I find that you have to be a good listener all times. You’d be surprised how much you learn from other people.

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