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Assorted Vegetable Delight

Life Story Club Contributor

This is a traditional food and because it takes a lot of time to prepare, I only cook it during holiday time. I learned the recipe from cooking for my father back in China when I was young and again after I immigrated to America. I moved to New York from China 40 years ago. It’s a good meal to share with family for the holidays and New Years, and whenever I make it, I know it’s going to get eaten.

I like to take time to make my food look beautiful or to make it more fun because this dish would not look very appealing on a plate by itself. If people don’t know what it is, then they’re not going to grab it to eat. If you make a presentation that looks colorful, people at least pay attention and think, “Okay, that looks good. Maybe it tastes good too.” But everyone in my family knows how it tastes and they all like it. It’s so fun to share this dish with them. Every year I make it a little different. It depends on the place, the size of the gathering, and the family members who are there. It’s kind of challenging, but it is also fun.

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