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My first date

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 22, 2019

Specifically, the first date, first date as far as I remember, it was a barn dance, this young man asked me to go. So the grandmother said yes, because she had to be there. It was at Smalls Paradise, a nightclub. I won a contest for dancing. I don’t know if you guys know about the Boston Monkey? Yeah, I used to swing them little, excuse me, “assets” I had. And the legs was about two thumbs big. And I had stockings, back then we had garters that you clip onto the stockings, and I had the ring around them little boney legs.

But you know it was nice and then after the dance he said “Can I call you?” My grandmother said ‘no.’ So, you know, we used to see each other in school and that was about it, because they already had gave me the talk. “You come in here with a baby, you know what’s going to happen, I’ll send you to the moon.” I said “Don’t worry about that.”

But that was it, the first date was all right. It wasn’t no love thing, it was just like she said, puppy love, infatuation. Innocent. It wasn’t nothing big.

Extraordinary Day at Work

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 15, 2019

oh, don’t know where to start. I might talk about the last job. I was a nurse’s aide. And it was a blackout. And, they wouldn’t let us in because the next shift couldn’t come. So, what we did, some people bathed, some people dry, some people clothed, some people did this and did that. Me, myself, I got two wheelchairs together, put a sheet over my head, and went to sleep. It’s about it for me. That was extraordinary because I had never been through something like that before. Yeah, we had generators.

Where were you working?

The Riverside… Well, it’s called the Riverside now. It was called Kateri. On 87th street, Riverside Drive. Yeah. Big nursing home.

Did you like your job?

I loved it. I want to go back…I can’t. Yeah. I got sick, you know, at 62. I got sick. I didn’t…

No, it was my time. I thought I had a cold. I was taking over the counter drugs and it was getting worse. Then, I got a sharp pain in my left side, couldn’t breathe. So, I called an ambulance, they took to me to the … Come on, I thought I was going to die in the house. So, I locked the door, walked down the stairs, and saw them in the next building and I waved to them. That’s all I had to do. They came for me and they put me in the ambulance, gave me oxygen, kept asking me dumb questions. I was in and out. And, when I got to the hospital, they had to innervate me. Okay. Then, she said, “You almost lost your life.”

So, what they did was, after the innervation, the bottom lobe still doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t inflate like the top. So, I came home with oxygen and that’s my story. So, they won’t let me work anymore. My doctor says to now, “What do you want to work for?” I say, “Because I feel like working.” He says, “I’m not going to sign for it.” She said he can find another doctor if you like but I’m not going to sign on it. So, here I am.

But, you’re feeling totally fine now?

Not totally. But I make the best of it.

So, that was basically your last day of work?


Wow. That’s an extraordinary day for sure.

Uh huh.

I mean, you’ve taken care of so many people you’ve got to take care of yourself.

And, I miss them. Well, I’ve only got about 3 left now. But, I’ve been there 22 years.

It was one of the best days because you bathe them, you grease them up, you change clothes, put them in their night clothes and they were happy. Everybody’s happy. We worked around the clock. By time we finished with them, they were tired and knocked out. We had 10 patients to 1 nurse. So, I barely did sit down during the day.

And, not all of them have the attitude that you have.

Oh, trust me. I know. I got slapped in the face with a shitty diaper. I got bit. I got kicked. I got called so many names you don’t want to hear. But, I just smiled. It’s okay because some of them didn’t know any better. Yeah, so. That’s what I had to deal with.

Historical Event

Life Story Club Contributor

Oct 15, 2019

My greatest historical event was when Obama became president. Yes, I was so scared they was gone tell him… I was shaking all night. When they announced he was president, I cried like a baby. I was so happy because I’ve seen the Kennedy’s die, get assassinated, Malcolm, Martin Luther King. I said he not going to make it…Yes, I was so happy. Because if they can do it to John F., and his brother, they can do it to anybody, because I’m not going to say white people are the devil, but they can be some mean people. Anyway, that was my greatest.

Were you nervous for 8 years then? Because it could’ve happened then.

After the first 4, I’m lucky that he was all right.

He was a people person.

Oh, yeah. It was like he was everybody’s friend, everybody. He was cool, sing, dance, he partied. He had a good time.

Where were you on the night of the election?

In the TV. In the TV, yes I was. Oh yeah, it was the greatest night, for me.

Did you party afterwards?

Of course, during and after.

My other historical event was when we went to Buster Brown, my grandmother and I. And the know the foot measurer they used to give you, the silver metal one? They gave my grandmother a piece of cardboard and a crayon and told them to measure my foot that way – we don’t do niggers in this store.

The way they talk to ya…

Buster Brown was a shoe store, a famous shoe store. Everyone wanted a pair of Buster Browns. When I was getting me a pair, my grandmother turned around and gave them a piece of her mind. Still…it was hurtful.

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