I’m going to talk today about my dog, Chance. Chance came to me at a time when my husband had passed away, and my children were so very sad. So a little after my daughter started college, she had a fall, and she was given 30 Motrin pills, which she was supposed to take for pain. But we had also just gotten the puppy, Chance. I named the dog Dordal’s Chance because he came with the name Chance. So it was Chance and the person who owned them. So I figured, Dordal’s Chance, right. This was the first time that I had a pedigreed animal, and I really didn’t know how to treat him. So for a while, he was very sad, and he lived really under the bed. But when my daughter got hurt and she had the pills next to her bed, he thought it was a toy. So, he got hold of the pills one day and went under the bed. And my daughter heard him crunching on the supposed bottle. But it wasn’t the bottle. He had gotten the bottle open and was crunching on the pills.

By the time that I got to him, there was only one pill left. That means that he swallowed or chewed the rest of them. So I didn’t know what to do. My daughter finally thought about calling…what do they call them? poison control. So I called poison control, and they referred me to the veterinarian. I called the veterinarian, and he told me to come right in. So I took the innocent-looking Chance (who looked at me like, “I didn’t do anything”) and I grabbed the cab and ended up at the vet’s door. The minute I got there, the vet took a black stick and put it down Chance’s throat, and he collapsed. At that point, he took him to the back, and I started reminiscing about all of the little incidents that had gone before about Chance. So then the doctor came out and told me it was going to take about $1,500 to save the dog. So I had the $500 and I gave it right to him. Then I called my husband and told him…my husband was still alive at the time. And told him that Chancey needed $1,500 only to just see if he will survive. They weren’t guaranteeing anything. And to think about it. It was a harsh decision for me because I was poor, my husband was poor, and that’s a lot of money. That was basically our savings.

So I thought about it and I thought about it, and I said I could not go home to these children, a boy, and a girl at the time, and just tell them I let him go. So I told the doctor, “Do your best,” you know, and my husband, he just went along for the ride. So that’s basically my story. But after this, he survived, and he not only survived, but he lived to save my life. I had stage two cancer of the cervix. And if it hadn’t been for Chance detecting it, I would have never known I had it. I went to the doctor’s office because of him – because he was acting strange around me. And I had some signs that everything was not well with me. So when I went to the doctor, she told me that, you know, I was early with what I had, and that I had a good chance of survival. And I’m still here, I’m 71. 

This happened when I was like 54. 

Chance lived a good life until I had to put him down for sleep because he couldn’t walk anymore. And he was so prideful that he didn’t like making a mess or anything. So for his sake, I did it. I put him to sleep. I hope that my story reminds you of a pet that you love.

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