No rights on others’ lives

Jan 27, 2020

One time, I was home in Georgia on a visit. It was about four of us. We went to the movie house, minding our business. And when we come out, there was a KKK standing outside. He had on his pin, he had on his gowns and what not. That’s right, not joyful. I don’t wish it on nobody. Nobody’s children. Even though I came from a wealthy family. But he was outside. And then with the train station there. What me and my sister and cousin did, we crossed over that third rail. He done get shot.

He had to come for forward, he’d have been dead. And even though my other family lived in Augusta. And it’s not a nice thing for to be seen by a child from a native, a white, what do you want to call it? Colored descendent, it’s not nice for them to see and what not.

To this day, we bring them down from our door with that weapon. They have no rights. They own nobody’s land, they have no rights to take nobody’s life. I don’t care if it’s just straight up mafia, you have no rights to it.

Then I saw another one day… the family find out. One day I was got off work, around the East River. I was sitting on the car and what not. I looked at the lights at plate. I said, “Oh, the KKK from Texas.” So my boss says, “what you see?” I told him. I said, “They have no rights grab the other people life.” We’re equal and what not.

We live a different life and what not. And this and that. But you’re going to find that every place you go.

Yeah, that summer was in Georgia And I came back. But my family is out there, they’re masons and what not. They will bring down. You come in and you think you go take their life? Then you’d as well as be dead.

This was in the 50’s. That’s only a short time home and what not. You’re going to find that in east states too, you’re going to find what not. You’ll find it in New York state too.