Collection of Favorite Appetizer Recipes – Food Stories from New York & Beyond

Chicken Salad

By Jane Rubinsky

There was a chicken salad recipe from the Weight Watchers Magazine years ago. It involved poaching the chicken breasts in apple juice. And the chicken salad was really good; I made it. 

Actually this is years ago, a friend of a friend was helping me buy my first CD player, and he was going to hook it up for me and everything. I was going to make him lunch in exchange for doing that. And he said, “Oh, I’ll take you out for lunch.” I realized later on that he has a lot of food sensitivities and he wanted to spare both of us the embarrassment of him not being able to eat my chicken salad because there was something in it that he didn’t like. 

Popcorn with Cherries and Almond

By Susan

I’ve got another one to go with the popcorn. You know, for when I need to pig out, that I can’t have sugar and I can’t have a carb. I snack on this while drinking my Black Cherry Diet Coke (recipe on page X) 

And you can eat that with a handful of almonds and cherries. Cherries are at the end of the season now. This is heavenly!

Salad Dressing 

By Gary Schoichet

I make a really nice salad dressing. It’s oil, balsamic or sherry vinegar, and either regular molasses or pomegranate molasses. Sometimes I’ll throw some in mustard, usually Dijon, salt, and pepper. I might grab some oregano, thyme, or tarragon, and crush it up and shake it all up. Then I keep tasting it and adding to it. When you get down to about this much in a bottle, just add back into it until it’s so disgusting that you have to clean the container. 

I also use fresh mint, basil, parsley or whatever else is on hand. 

Garlic Parmesan Broccoli

By Susan

My meals are basically three-quarters of a large plate of veggies and a quarter of a plate of protein. So I got veggies coming out of my ears. One of the things that I enjoy is broccoli. On broccoli, I will put on powdered garlic and grated Parmesan cheese. I mix in some olive oil in a small cup, add in garlic, Parmesan, and mix it up first. Then I pour it on top of the broccoli and cook it — it’s delicious. I also add some seasoning in there, like salt or a little bit of burger seasoning or another seasoning you like that really brings out a whopper of a flavor.

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