Collection of Favorite Comfort or Soul Food Recipes – Food Stories From New York & Beyond

Fried Cauliflower with Mushroom and Beef 

By Susan

Something that tastes good fried is cauliflower with mushroom and beef. You can stir-fry it in avocado or olive oil, but stay away from corn oil. The combination of flavors of the cauliflower, mushroom, and beef is just great together. They get sealed in by using a lid. You can cook it easily in a wok, or even in a microwave, which I know is very bad but with a lid, it does also mix the flavors. I also add hamburger seasoning from McCormick on top of the cauliflower, mushroom, and beef – it’s just delicious. Or you can use whatever meat seasoning you like. Making it a bit spicy is yummy, too.