Dancing Again

I’m a daughter and granddaughter of farmers in Ohio, but I currently live in Rhode Island. I want to dedicate this to the Brooklyn Public Library for opening my heart to the music of my life.

When I was young, in the early ’60s, a song named Sheila” came out, by Tommy Roe, and it was just so fun to have a song named after me! The drumming is fabulous. It was just a happy song, like me, I liked to have fun.

One time a man caught my eye at a dance. I told my friend, I said, “Look at him!” And she said, “Oh, he’s delicious.” So, we nicknamed him Mr. Delicious, and he was just really fun to dance with. I always loved to dance.

With the years, I kind of lost myself in my marriage. So after my divorce, I opened the closet, dusted the old Sheila off, and put on my dancing boots. I had fun doing that, dancing again. I danced to everything, including this song named after me. 


By Tommy Roe

Sweet little Sheila, you’ll know her if you see her

Blue eyes and a ponytail

Cheeks are rosy, she looks a little nosy

Man, this little girl is fine

Never knew a girl like little Sheila

Her name drives me insane

Sweet little girl, that’s my little Sheila

Man, this little girl is fine

Me and Sheila go for a ride

Oh-oh-oh-oh, I feel all funny inside

Then little Sheila whispers in my ear

Oh-oh-oh-oh, I love you Sheila dear

Sheila said she loved me, she said she’d never leave me

True love will never die

We’re so doggone happy just being around together

Man, this little girl is fine

Oh, this little girl is fine

Yeah, this little girl is fine

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