Feb 3, 2020

When I was in a nursing home, we had to be evacuated because water was coming in the nursing home, and all the beds had to be put on different trucks and taken to another place in Long Island.

So, the beds were electric, so when they had to let you go outing, as the bed was, that stayed until the power came back on. So, when I had to go to the bathroom, I just had to get myself up to go to the bathroom and then lie back down on a floor bed, because the bed didn’t have no power. So the next day when they gave us bells to ring, they said, “Take this bell and go back to your facility.”

So we went back to the facility, we started ringing our bell, and the nurse says, “You think that when you ring that bell we’re going to answer? We didn’t answer before, you think when you ring that bell we’re going to answer?”

You ring the bell, they wouldn’t answer.

So we all got back, we said, “Thank God.” I called my brother, because he lived in Long Island, tell him, “I’m here, you can come and visit.” He says, “Sure.” So he came to visit me and then we moved back home.

I’ve been sick a lot of my life, so I’ve been gone from different facilities getting better and then, you know, get sick again.